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From the President's Desk

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Alvin E. Rudisill
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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We have reached a verbal agreement with the City of Ypsilanti to purchase the property at 220 North Huron Street where the Museum and Archives are located. At their meeting on Tuesday, August 1, 2006 the City Council agreed in principal with our offer to purchase the property for $250,000. $125,000 will be paid immediately and the balance of $125,000 will be due in no more than 10 years. The mortgage to the City will not accrue interest as long as the Society uses the property for a Museum and/or Archives. Lawyers for the City and the Society were asked to write up the agreement. Once the agreement has been signed the Society will launch a fundraising campaign to raise the $125,000.

The Graduate Intern Agreement between the Society and Eastern Michigan University has been implemented and Jessica Williams and Laurie Turkawski have started working 20 hours per week in the Museum and Archives (see article in this issue of the Gleanings). They are both busy organizing and packing artifacts in the basement of the Museum so renovation work can begin when the Society assumes ownership of the property. New storage shelving and storage boxes have been purchased so maximum use can be made of available storage space.

Please put the following dates on your calendar: September 15: Annual Membership Meeting; September 28 to October 15: Quilt Exhibit; December 3: Quarterly Membership Meeting and Christmas Open House; and December 31: New Year's Eve Jubilee. Ted Ligibel, Director of the Graduate Program in Historical Preservation at Eastern Michigan University will be our speaker for the September 15th Annual Membership Meeting.

We are still in need of volunteers with various skills (carpentry, lawn care, computer data entry, painting, etc.) for maintenance projects in the Museum and Archives. If you are willing to do volunteer work for a few hours each month please call me at 734–484–3023 or email me at and we will get you started. Also, if you have writing skills and are interested in researching articles for future issues of the Gleanings we would like to get you involved.

We are receiving many favorable comments about the expansion of “The Gleanings” publication. Our sincere thanks to the authors who are writing the stories that make this expansion possible.