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News from the Fletcher-White Archives

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Gerry Pety
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Wow, since the beginning of the year, we have really been bustling! In February we broke our own record for numbers of students and historical researchers with 55 people. Usually, February is one of our slower months. We are also ahead for the month of March! Since the middle of January we have been supplying several of our downtown and depot town eateries with back copies of the Gleanings. Since that time people have responded to our “outreach program” and are coming to both the YHS archives and museum. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

We also have been actively using our underutilized backroom to supply us with material for our archive’s exhibit which we hope to change every month or so. Starting in April we have two very interesting exhibits: One on Buffalo Bill Cody, who had family here in Pittsfield Township and brought his entire Wild West Show to Ypsilanti in 1900 and again in 1910. Our smaller display will feature the Early Pioneers of Ypsilanti starting in April, and in May it will be changed to Ypsilanti’s Role in The Civil War. Even if you may not want to do any research, stop by and view the exhibits, our volunteers have put a lot of effort into creating these wonderful displays and we hope the membership and the public will enjoy them.

We are on the hunt for items that are unique to this city and the surrounding area. Too many times people have items that really should be in a museum or the archives for everyone to view and use for research; but instead keep them, just to have their relatives ‘toss’ the items out upon their death. This is such a waste! If you have such items we would be love to be custodians of such treasures.

We are searching for old posters, pictures and fliers having to do with attractions that have come and gone in Ypsilanti like, Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show or Ringling Brothers Circus. We are also looking for family files. If your family has a history in Ypsilanti or the surrounding area and you have genealogy/history/pictures we would love to have copies of them in our files. We provide the file folders and everything to get you started and you can add to it any time you wish. We presently have over 1,750 family files!

Thanks to Jose Salame for contributing the book and CD about the Ford production facility here in Ypsilanti. It was put together by Jose and a number of his fellow workers from that facility. It is now in our Library Collection. They spent a great deal of time, effort, and their own money to bring this bit of Ypsilanti Ford history together. Thank you Jose!


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