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Copeland School Being Demolished - Dexter, March 1961

Copeland School Being Demolished - Dexter, March 1961 image
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Ann Arbor News, March 23, 1961
GONE GHOSTS: The pleasant ghosts of a multitude of Dexter men and women who trod its hallowed halls have been evicted from the shell of the town's Copeland School, built in 1887 and scheduled to be completely torn down by the end of next month. The two bells from the familiar tower (above) that has dominated Dexter for nearly 75 years will be removed to a special "Copeland School Memorial" structure to be erected on the front lawn of the new Dexter High School. They rang from their venerable perch high above the village for the last time Tuesday, signaling the official completion of more than three-quarters of the demolition operation. The old school's hill site will be planted in grass, and its ghosts will retire to the last refuge of its photographs in hundreds of local scrapbooks. The abandoned building had been declared a safety hazard because of structural weaknesses that developed over the years.
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