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Democrats Likely To Draft Burke

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Democrats Likely To Draft Burke Want Ann Arbor Man For
State Chairman
By Guy H. Jenkins
(News Lansing Bureau) LANSING - A movement was underway today to draft George J. Burke of Ann Arbor, as chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee, it was learned
The party will hold its convention in Flint Saturday to nominate candidates for the State Supreme Court, regents of the University of Michigan, State Board of Agriculture, State Board of Education and Superintendent of public instruction and elect the state chairman and vice chairman.
To prevent a handful of persons from selecting the ticket the county chairman's association is to meet Friday afternoon in an attempt to formulate a slate for the delegates consideration the next day.
Edward J. Fry, state chairman, said he believes the county chairmen probably are in better shape to guide the convention than any other group of leaders.
Charles Misner, of Grand Haven, is chairman of the association.
Friends of Burke insist he has not the time to give to the committee, but in spite of that, efforts are being made to disregard his wishes and elect him anyway. In the event of his resignation later, the State Central Committee is empowered to name his successor,
Charles S. Porritt, a member of the Public Utilities Commission, is being sponsored for the place by Murray D. Van Wagoner, state highway commissioner, but in the event Burke will take the chairmanship, Porritt's name will not go before the convention.
Fry last November announced he would not be a candidate to succeed himself and since then party leaders have been casting around for a successor.