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Close To 300 Couples Attend Annual Easter Ball Sponsored By League Of St. Andrews

Close To 300 Couples Attend Annual Easter Ball Sponsored By League Of St. Andrews image
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Close To 300 Couples Attend Annual Easter Ball Sponsored By League Of St. Andrew

Arrangements For Supper Table Admired

Dinner Parties Are Held Prior To Affair At Michigan Union

The Michigan Union, almost deserted by the students as the University spring holidays began yesterday, was taken over last night for the annual Easter ball, the important event of the spring season for Ann Arbor town and campus society.

Close to 300 couples were in attendance for the dancing in the ballroom or bridge in the Pendleton library, all joining for the late supper served in the terrace ballroom. The ball is sponsored by the League of St. Andrew and is a charity event, the proceeds going to the numerous philanthropic efforts of the League.

Delighted Comment

There was delighted comment as the couples strolled into the supper room between dances and stopped to admire the table arrangements. Over the white damask that covered the table was stiff gold-yellow filet net.  The ivory tapers which were lighted were placed in two rows in old candle molds enameled in ivory with gold decorations.

Mrs. Reed Nesbit of Hill St. had asked Mrs. Harry S. Hawkins of Church St. to have charge of the decorations, and Alfred W. Goodhew arranged the flowers. They were placed in a low white oblong bowl and the colors glowed in emphasis of the cloth on table. Low spreading sprays of yellow snapdragons gave the required length to the bouquet, and the taller blossoms that gave the keynote were golden yellow calla lilies, with the paler snapdragons and with delicate miniature lilies in their brilliant orange and gold tint. This deep shade was repeated in heavy short clusters of snapdragons for the lower ranks of flowers that gave the weight to the arrangement, and a pale yellow and blue iris here and there restrained contrast note.

Preside At Table

Presiding at the table in turn were Mrs. Louis P. Hall, Mrs. Morris Tilley, Mrs. George W. Patterson, Mrs. George P. McCallum, Mrs. Harley A. Haynes, Mrs. Henry Lewis and Mrs. Adams.

A black crepe formal of simple lines with its low bodice held by slender straps was the choice of the general chairman, Mrs. Nesbit who came with Dr. Nesbit. She had a corsage of a single large red-purple orchid and a little red bow in her dark hair.

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph G. Adams were early arrivals, coming with a party of friends from subscription dinner which they gave with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence O. Skinner. Mrs. Adams is president of the League. She wore a chartreuse crepe formal with a circular skirt and a bodice shirred at the front. It had a deep pointed neckline and with it she wore a jacket of flame-color with a deep shirred girdle. Her bag matched the jacket and on it she had her corsage of flowers harmonizing with the flame and chartreuse.

Mrs. Skinner wore a dark blue and white silk jersey formal, its closely-molded flaring skirt extending to a high waistline and its bodice of white shirred softly. With the Skinners were their house guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rising of New York City. Mrs. Rising had on a light green crepe formal gown.

Others In Party

Others in this party were Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Barnwell, Mrs. Cyrus C. Sturgis, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Newton, and Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Lane, jr. Mrs. Barnwell, who was head of the committee for the ticket sale, wore a formal of white lace with a fitted girdle section extending to a yoke in the full skirt. Her flowers were camellias.

Mrs. Newton had on a black gown with silver embroidery. Another member of the group, Mrs. Lane, had chosen a gray chiffon with silver nailhead beads in graduated design. The deeply pointed decolletage had a fold of turquoise chiffon.

White was a popular choice among the formal gowns, and one of these was worn by Mrs. Hawkins, with a fitted jacket embroidered with red. Mrs. Herman H. Riecker had a red crepe gown and used a black jacket effectively with it.

Among the late arrivals was Miss Ethel A. McCormick, seen with Mrs. Howell Taylor, who wore a formal of black and white panels.

Chatting in the lounge with Mrs. Patterson was Mrs. Fielding H. Yost and others seen between dances were Mr. and Mrs. T. Reardon Peirsol and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Fletcher.

Lewis Daughters Attend

With Rev. and Mrs. Henry Lewis was seen their daughter Patricia, attending with Tom Peirsol and another daughter Marilyn came in for a few dances.

Rev. and Mrs. Frederick Leech were there, Mrs. Leech wearing white net with a fitted jacket of flowered taffeta. Also at the dance were the George W. Willards, the Andrew S. Bakers, Prof. and Mrs. Robert B. Hail, and Prof. and Mrs. Waldo M. Abbot and their daughter, Mrs. Howard Jackson and Dr. Jackson.

In the large group playing bridge in the library were seen Prof, and Mrs. Lewis M. Gram, who had given one of the large dinner parties before the dance. Mrs. Gram wore a new print in a soft silk crepe of green and white with touch of black. Dr. and M Theophil Klingman were seen at the library also Prof, and Mrs. John S. Worley and Prof, and Mrs. Everett S. Brown, Mrs. Brown in a white net formal with a short jacket of white lace.

A white moire was worn by Mrs. Cameron Haight, who attended with Dr. Haight. It had a sash of white with scarlet and at the top of the low bodice was a cluster of red cherries.

A deep rose taffeta formal was the choice of Mrs. Francis W. Kamman. Its wide skirt was made of shirred tiers of the taffeta separated by cords of velvet in a deeper shade and its little jacket had puffed sleeves. Seen with Mr. and Mrs. Kamman were Dr. and Mrs. Walter Belser and Mrs. Karl Malcolm, wearing white crepe with a girdle embroidered with red. Miss Mildred Webber, in this group, wore white crepe with red accents

Chooses Violet Gray

A soft violet gray was worn by Mrs. Benjamin Wheeler. Mrs. Edwin Huntington had on a black formal distinguished by shirring at the back of the low bodice.

Acrepe formal in lipstick red was chosen by Mrs. Richard Cutting. The top was covered with a design of silver beads with a few red ones.

Mrs. M. W. Wheeler had on blue gown with silver leaf girdle and her daughter, Mary Ellen, a white costume with a long scarf at the neck.

Mrs. William Giefel was seen with her son William and Judy Trosper. Prof. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hayden were at the ball, Mrs. Hayden wearing a gray beige frock with silver embroidery. Mrs. Arthur Bromage had a closely fitted formal of a deep green with bands of beaded embroidery in a deeper shade outlining the bodice top.

Others who were at the ball were Prof. and Mrs. Walter A. Reichart, the latter in a black gown with the smart new lingerie accent of white organdy cut-work pockets and band at the neckline. Prof. and Mrs. C. T. Olmsted were seen, also Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Thompson, Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Forsythe, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. John Bradfield, and Mr. and Mrs. William AngeII, Mrs. Angell in a chartreuse tulle frock with bouffant skirt and grosgrain ribbon at the heart-shaped neckline.

One of the small parties seen together included Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Conlin and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wilkins. Mrs. Conlin 1 on one of the new polka dot formats in dark blue crepe with white dots, and Mrs. Wilkins wore blue net in a bouffant mode.

DINNER GUESTS LEAVING FOR EASTER BALL: Mr. and Mrs. Philip McCallum of 334 E. Jefferson St. (left) among the guests at a small dinner given last night by Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Foust (right) at their home on Wallingferd Rd., and after the dinner, the party attended the Easter ball held in the Michigan Union. Mrs. McCallum, who was Harriet Heath before her marriage last month, wore a delft blue taffeta formed with a red rose in her hair and red slippers. Her hostess is the former Elizabeth Aigler and was married last fall. Her formal gown was of chiffon in a stripe of many colors.