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Rumors Labeled False

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Rumors LahgJpd E?<br><br>A rumor about the rape andj murder of a University coed several days ago is false.<br><br>The week-old rumor, which developed many varying details this week, alleged in general that a woman student was at-<br><br>the late Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President Kennedy, has denied to University officials that she had been beaten by U-M coeds, tacked on a city street and died| n,mor 0( tbo beatl j<br><br>later in the University Hospital. ......<br><br>Cheeks made by The|wh,ch tad been P™~ly with city police, University of-jnied by U-M officials was re-| ficials and hospital authorities vived last night on the nation-i failed to substantiate the rumor.!wide television program, “Thatj The false tale appeared to Was the Week that Was.” The] evaporate late last week, butjprogram was seen in this area over the weekend it revivedjat 9:30 p.m. on Channel 4. with new viciousness. Yesterday] A “TW3” spokesman in New U-M authorities were plagued |York told an inquiring newsmen by many calls. The News re-jthat program writers picked up ceived a half-dozen inquiries, a two-sentence rumor printed in and a desk officer at' the Ann]a New York publication and Arbor Police Department said]faded to verify it before using he spent “about an hour” on it<br><br>the phone la.! night I U-M Vice ■ President Richard<br><br>1.5—m L CuIler said he talked per-<br><br>ley sard h.s mormng lo lus de- sona], witb „ o.wald J partments knowledge there-has been no. such crime here.<br><br>He said the rumor apparently Jy coeds<br><br>stemmed from four separate at- be!“en by coeds' tempted assaults on U-M coeds George E. Luther, assistant to walking back to their dormito-the director of the U-M English Ties- on the near east side of Lan§uaSe Institute in which the city within the past si.\|Mrs- Oswald is enrolled, told weeks with the last one occur-The News that she had denied ring more than two weeks ago. *he rumor to him when it was None of the girls involved was first circulated several days ago. raped or injured, police said.] Ann Arbor police also have Accounts of the assaults werelinvestigated the rumor and reported in The News. j found no truth in it.