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How Schools Were Named

How Schools Were Named image How Schools Were Named image
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Ann Arbor Public Schools - Buildings
Abbot Elementary School
Allen Elementary School
James B. Angell Elementary School
Bach Elementary School
Bach School
Edith M. Bader School
Carrie L. Dicken School
Dicken Elementary School
W. S. Perry School (Ann Arbor)
W.S. Perry School
Dixboro Elementary School
Dixboro School
Eberwhite Elementary School
Eberwhite School
Forsythe Junior High School
Forsythe School
Haisley Elementary School
Otto W. Haisley School
Lawton Elementary School
Uriah William Lawton School
Christian Mack School
Mack Elementary School
Mary D. Mitchell School
Mitchell Elementary School
Judson G. Pattengill School
Herbert M. Slauson School
Slauson Junior High School
Tappan Junior High School
Lee M. Thurston School
Levi D. Wines School
Wines School
Wines Elementary School
Burns Park Elementary School
Burns Park School
Northside Elementary School
Northside School
Pittsfield Elementary School
Pittsfield School
Lakewood Elementary School
Lakewood Subdivision
Meadowview Elementary School
Meadowview School
Stone School
Carpenter School
Carpenter Elementary School
Pioneer High School
Huron High School
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Ann Arbor News
Theodore Rokicki
Jack Elzay
T. C. Abbot
Theophilus C. Abbot
John Allen
James B. Angell
James Burrill Angell
Phillip Bach
Charles Abel
Edith M. Bader
Carrie L. Dicken
John Dix
Eber White
L. L. Forsythe
Lewis L. Forsythe
Otto W. Haisley
Uriah William Lawton
Christian Mack
Mary D. Brewster Mitchell
Judson Pattengill
J. G. Pattengill
Herbert M. Slauson
Herbert Slauson
Henry P. Tappan
Henry Tappan
Henry Philip Tappan
Lee Thurston
Levi D. Wines
Levi Wines