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AADL-GT Preseason Weekend

Tue, 07/26/2005 - 7:48pm by eli

[img_assist|fid=106|thumb=0|alt=AADL-GT old logo|caption=AADL-GT: Videogame tournaments from the Ann Arbor District Library]

Here we go! It's time to gear up for the start of AADL-GT Season 2. This weekend, we have three tournaments scheduled, with something for everyone.

This Friday Night, 7/29/05, we'll have a Mario Kart tournament for ages 18+, from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Downtown Library. Race mode, single-player only, no registration required. Prizes are gamestop gift certificates, 1st place: $40, 2nd place: $30, 3rd place: $20.

Then, from Noon to 5 PM on Saturday, 7/30/05, join us downtown for the AADL-GT Preseason Tournament for grades 6-12, featuring Mario Kart single-player and coop race events, and Super Smash Brothers: Melee single-player and team events, followed by a mystery game for the prize round. Prize round winners take home $50, $40, and $30 gift certificates. Read more below for more details about how the AADL-GT Tournament will work.

Finally, on Sunday, 7/31/05, we'll have a Mario Kart race tournament for grades 1-5, downtown from 1:00-4:00 PM.. 1st place: $40, 2nd place: $30, 3rd place: $20.

Preregistration is not required for any of these events, just show up, but don't be too late!

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Clan Cup Basics

Fri, 07/08/2005 - 8:48pm by eli

[img_assist|fid=92|thumb=1|alt=The Clan Cup]

Next season, (but not necessarily pre-season) Clans will be teams of four players.

In single-player events, all points scored by a clan member will count towards the clan's total score. In team events, clans break up into 2-player teams, and their scores are added to the clan's total score. In Mario Kart, this will be modified Grand Prix scoring, in Melee, I think it should be match points, without negative scores, but a bonus for each match winner. Event winners get big bonuses.

You can have subs in your clan, but only 4 clan members can compete in each AADL-GT tournament (i.e. no subbing in ringers or specialists).

Clan Champ of each tournament will be decided by points. No point bonus for being a Clan Champ, but all Clan Champs get into the Clan Cup at the Grand Championships in December, even if they're not one of the 4 highest regular-season point-total Clans. With me so far?

Okay, now get this: There will be a clan point bonus for referring new players clans. If you can get another new player to come to an AADL-GT tournament, your clan will get a point bonus, and if you get a whole new clan to signup, you'll get a big bonus.

So, what do you think? I'll work on a table of all points and bonuses. I also think we'll multiply everything by 10 to make it more interesting.

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Welcome back to AXIS

Sun, 07/03/2005 - 11:38am by eli

[img_assist|fid=67|thumb=0|alt=Super Smash Brothers: Melee Box Art|caption=The cover of the Nintendo GameCube game, Super Smash Brothers: Melee.]

Notice anything different? We've relaunched the AXIS blog in a new format, as a part of the new Now you guys know why you haven't heard much from me lately.

So, aren't we having a tournament soon? OH RIGHT. On Saturday, July 30th, from Noon - 5:00 PM, we'll have the AADL-GT preseason tournament at the Downtown Library. We'll have 5 events:

1. Mario Kart: Double Dash Single Player Race
2. Mario Kart: Double Dash Co-op Team Race
3. Super Smash Brothers: Melee Single-Player Battle
4. Super Smash Brothers: Melee Two-player Team Battle
5. Sur-Prize Round: Game to be announced!

Information on prizes is coming soon, we're still working on it. I will also announce the specifics of the Clan system before the preseason tournament, but know that the preseason tournament will not count towards clan scores.

Also, we'll have an 18+ Mario Kart Tournament Friday, July 29th, from 6:30-8:30 PM, and a Mario Kart Tournament for ages 5-12 on Sunday, July 31st, from 1:00-4:00.