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Saginaw Salt

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-Mr. Jas. H. Morris lias givcn usa eoupleof samples of ealt manufactured at EastSaginaw, which cqual in ap. pcarunoe anything we have ever examined and we have no doubt the quality is as fine as the looks indícale. The wo rks from which thcBe samples were taken are, -we understand, timing out fifty-barreU a day. The works are to be mnterially enlarged, and numerous other wurks are in process of construction. Sagioaw beats the Union on Salt. L3ST" We have received the August numberofthe Atlantic Monthly , with the following list of papers: The Carnival of the Romantic. A Lagend of Maryland. Priuce Adeb. Eleusinia. Victor and Jaeueline, Midsummer. Tobarco. Shakspeare done into French. Tho Poet 's Singing, A Journey in Sicily. The ProfcsRor's Story. Anno Domini, 1 f60. Darwin on the Origin of Species. Reviews and Literary Notices, Recent American Publications. $3 a year; fivo copies $10. Address Ticknoa 4 Fields, Boston. L3ST We hava reoeived the August number of the Eclectic Magazine. It presenta, ar'tistically considered, excellent portraitsof His Royal Highness, the Prinoe of Walos, and of Sir Robert Peel, eacli portrait accompanied ■with a ehort biographical eketch. In the lett er press thcre are sixteen papers, besides the table of rciacellaniee, the cream of eight of the foreign periodicals. Among them are Me Leod's Eí.ste n Africaj AuBtria and Hungaryi The Great Armada Fight; and Sicily and its Tunny-Fishery. The EcUctic has a deservedly wido popularity. f 5 a year, with a beauti. f;il premium píate A new volume will begin with the September nnmber. Addrcs, W. H. Bjdwell, New y.irk. O" Tbe Ladies Repository has come to vis for August, beautifully embellialied, and riehly freightud with literaiy matter. The Repository íb number one as a family magazine. Í2 a year. Addivss Swokmstedt cfe Poe, Cininnati, Ohio. 2S" Gko. A. Smith has vacated the KtooUditorial of tho Barry Pioneer to devote h.6t.ineexcluBively to more profitable busi06M. sellmg dr,lg8 and mcdicine9 He s su(,. eeeded by P. D. Acki.kv who that Ihe Pwneer shall eontinue a reliable democratie paper. Suecess to it. $LT Harvest is novv over, and tve llnpe that those who have raised good erop, (i' wheat will remenjber to pay t!io printer. JC3T The M. k Cï.udi Sabbath School luid & fino ilnj for lhir Pie-Ntc ixcnr ■ion to Cholsc on WedneJay, and ilh tfftCller, parent, onü eholnra filled tluvu can, - The l:iv paaed witkool accident and uil en j3-ed tliemselvi's finoly. JjP Our fruit di'alofs nrc an%ged i hipping uramr uppie in lurge (juautities. Wo lioiu1 50 cents u bushcl uaiuoJ iis the pi'icü