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Badge Drop #10: Nine, Eight...

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 12:00pm by SaraP

We’ve been counting down to Badge Drop #10 and here it is!!!! ALMOST!!! First, a little ditty in honor of the 10th drop of SG 2019 (which we composed while counting the minutes):

One for the Funny (not dollars or cents)
Two for the Show (at all our events)
Three to make Ready (so loosen your joints)
Four to Go (like go get the points!)
Five for the Minutes (I hope you’re not stuck)
Six to get Prizes (like mini book trucks)
Seven hits Limits (well really it’s four)
Eight to choose Sizes (of t-shirts galore)
Nine to not Stop (but do if you must)
Ten for the Drop (IT’S RIGHT NOW OR BUST)


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Keep on counting, dear friends, because there is SO MUCH TO COUNT. Badges, points, branches, players, books due back tomorrow, the number of pencil sharpeners you’ve lost since back-to-school shopping this time last, let’s just stick with points and stuff. Oh, and the number of times that we, at SG mission control, have COUNTED ON YOU, sweet players, to play the game! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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