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Open Lab: Laser Cutter, Screen Printing, Lino Block Printing


Tuesday February 25, 2020: 5:30pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: Secret Lab

For Whom

Grade 6 - Adult


Open Lab sessions at the AADL Secret Lab have returned!

Join Library staff for 3 hours of open access to select Secret Lab tools: Laser Cutter, Linoleum Block Printing, and Screen Printing.

Basic instruction will be provided but further, in-depth instruction is available at regular individual tool labs (Vector Lab, Introduction to Linoleum Carving/Letterpress Open, and Screen Printing Events).  Find a complete list of Secret Lab programming here!


Can we bring in a template to laser cut? If so, what file extension do we Use? Is there a short intro we can read before the session?

Hi Sara, you can absolutely bring in a file to be cut/engraved. We send things to the laser with .pdf files. You can also bring an .svg file in case we need to edit it before sending it to the laser. Hope this helps!