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Earn Points

Once you've signed up for AADL's Summer Game, you can earn points for using your library in all sorts of ways. You can also earn Badges by fulfilling certain conditions. You can also check out the Leaderboard to see who's earning the most points. Some actions are subject to a 1000 point per day cap, but others are unlimited! Check out our list of actions, watch the blog for updates, and just contact us as always if you have any questions or trouble!

Get a one-time bonus for:
- Signing up for the game! (100 points)
- Finishing the Classic Summer Reading Game and claiming a prize at an AADL desk! (2000 points)
- Earning badges that include bonuses!

Earn up to 1000 points a day by:
-Reporting minutes spent reading, watching, or listening to media, or pages read for 1 point per page / minute. Get a 100 point bonus for finishing an item, too! Make sure to put in the titles of the items on your scorecard!

Earn as many points as you'd like by:
-Attend an AADL Event, get a code, and redeem the code for 200 - 500 points, depending on the event!
-Add Tags to any item in our catalog for 10 points.
-Give a Star Rating to any item in our catalog for 10 points. Get 50 points for rating items that are in your checkout history!
-Write a Review of any item in our catalog for 50 points.
-Comment on any blog post/thread for 50 points.
-Checking out any item for 50 points (requires Checkout History to be turned on. Go to My Account > Edit > Preferences, check the box next to Record Checkouts).

More actions to come as the summer goes on to keep you playing! Plus, you'll never know when a new badge will pop up.

Then, spend your points in the Summer Game Shop starting Friday, July 7 for great AADL stuff!

And don't forget about Points-O-Matic! It's an exciting and almost mind-numbing yet consistently fulfilling way to earn POINTS-O-MATIC points and try to show up on the Points-O-Matic Leaderboards! There are different modes to Points-O-Matic, so try them all out! They're pretty self-explanatory, so give them a try and you can earn BIG POINTS making the catalog and the website an EVEN BETTER PLACE!

Stay tuned for MORE MODES to earn points with no end in sight!