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Real Estate Transfers

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The following ure the transfers of real tstate tor the week ending Wedneaday, March 3: WABBANTT DBBD8. Isaac Blliott (by lieirs) to Sarah Eltiott, sec 'i Ann rbor, $0. lli-nry A. Geddes to David X. Geddes, .':! acres sec :i Lodi, $1,58.5. Dwiglit limit to Mathias Rentchler, 190 acres sec 30 and ;6 Lodi, $7,0)0. Bmma Powler to Cornelia H. Addis 20 acres sec 20 Saline, $00. Catherine Schalbble to Jacob K&ehelliach, 20 acres sec 9, Freedoin, $l,:J00. Catherine Scuaible toMathew Schalble, 120 acres sec 2 Kreedom, $7,200. .as. 11. Clougu to Wm. 11. Clough, 50 acres bec 'J7 Looi, l,000. Wm. W. Kelsey to Susan K. Albright, ■i acres sec ;; 'ork, -,'20. Saiali E. Tiny to Chas. A. Munay properly in Ar.n Arbnr, $100. .hui. Urossett et al to Marthia A. Loonard, property in Ann Axbor, f1,906.76. P. D. Cumminge to Bonry Hteinbach, 30 acres bm 21 Lima 13,660. Alice ML líisdou to Jacob Laubengayer, property in Ann Arbor, $1,800. Jdo. Khodes to Xicliolas Uowc, 80 acres sec 7 Sliaron, $',.j00. Fredrica Herzer to Fredrick Wolf 40 ■ acres sec ' Sylvan, simhi. (ieo. Cook to Wm. Fletcher, property in Ann Arbor, (850. Wm. Fletcher lo Wm. I). Kunceinan Und in sec 4, 2:5. Sharon, $7,000. Augustus W. Britton to W. and M. E. Densmore, property n Chelsea, $i,,ri0o. Wm. Deusmoie to A. W. and S W. Britton, 40 acres sec 1 Ypsilanti, $2,500. Martin Halter to Sophia (Jleveraeet, land in sec 13 Saline, $450. C. PuiMons to Wm. P. Carson.. er' in Saline vil lage, $850. NobIi V. Manu to juo. Mann, 70 acres sec 22 Superior, $1. Noaü V. Mann io Ellzabetb Marsh, 10 acres sec 22 Superior, $250. Nelson Butherland lo Kcuben Stollsti mer, 120 aerea sec Ül Ann Arbor towu, $6,000. Ulive Phillips et al to Joseph Phillips, property in Ypailanti, $750. Mary A. Sniilh to Jane Rantlölph, propriiv in Ypsilauli, $1,250. E. IJ. Alleu to Jacob Bcatlce, 15 acres sec 4 and aOSharon, $!Hio. AdamC. l'lark to Jas. 1Í. Boggs, property in Ypsilanti, $550. Ann VVbite (by heirs) to Xathan T. Wliile, property in Ann Arimr, $1,500. UcCurdy C. LeBeau toOrrilla M. Day, lot 15 and I6b4n r 4 e Original plat. city of Ann Arbor, $3,500. Harlow 11. Qow to Almira 1'. llowe, lot ; b6s Huron streel, r 13 e (.;. II, Mil lens purchase s epart of the land coiupany's atlit, city of Ann Arbor, $500. Geo. B. Dayio McCurdy c. LeBeau, 60 acres sec 25 Ann Arbor tiiwn $5,500. Win. Brown (o Chas. IJ. Flclclicr. 6? acres Bec 80 Superior, $3,503. QUIÏ-CI.AIM BKÏOS. Jas. I'. Miiwry to School Dietrut Xo. C Ann Arbor town, property in the loivn ship, $1. F. L. Parker lo Asa M. Darling, 40 acres sec 14 Augusta, $225. Wm. (eer U) Chas. A. Hurray, property in Ann Arbor, $1. Wm. Sylvester to Kliza P. Jliller. propei tv in Visilauti city, $10. ÁiUinc. Clark to Cha. Ötone, property in Ypsilanti, $25. Prcderick Eiting to Nelson Sutherlaod laml in sec :1 Anu Arbor town, $1.