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Culinary Historians | Creating Sunset Magazine's Cooking Department in the 1930s on AADL.TV


Sunday March 21, 2021: 4:00pm to 5:30pm




Join us for a look at the gendered history of Sunset Magazine‘s early years, from its first recipe columns featuring recipes submitted by women, to its various “outdoorsy” columns where men’s cooking found a place. Learn how Sunset’s cooking categories shape-shifted as the “cooking department” began to accommodate men who cooked.

Meet Sunset‘s first food editor, Genevieve Callahan and the magazine’s co-editor Louvica Richardson who migrated to California to create the magazine of Western Living. Hear about some amazing women, like Sierra Club member and Sunset contributor Helen Gompertz, who camped and mountaineered in skirts and shows us a world where traditional gender roles were dispensed with, and artist Ruth White Taylor, who added cartoons to help draw readers into Sunset’s recipe columns.

Our speaker is Jennifer Pagano, who has decades of experience in the food and wine industry and earned an MA in Food History in 2019.

This event was held live on Zoom and has concluded.