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Aerial Spraying Of Elms To Start

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Ann Arbor will start its helicopter spraying of elm trees within the next 10 days, and residents of the √°reas to be sprayed will be notified in advance so that automobiles may be moved. The Parks Department reports that results of the aerial application of methoxychlor "last year were favorable and even etter results are expected this year." Methoxychlor has proven effective against the elm bark beetle, the department reports. Paris Department S u p t . George Owers notes that some elms have airea dy been sprayed from the ground. The aerial spraying is reserved primarily for larger concentration of elm trees. The department said it will take special precautions to advise the public of location and time of actual spraying. Each area to be sprayed will be posted with "no parking" signs attached to street trees, barricades and flagmen will be used to direct and control traffic, and a sound truck will precede the spraying. The Parks Department asks citizens to cooperate in the following ways : - Do not park where signs give warning of spraying. The signs will be removed as soon as spraying is completed. -Keep cars in garages or out of the spray area while spraying is being done. - If possible, have children and pets indoors while actual spraying is in progress, and -All laundry should be taken indoors to prevent any possibility of spotting with chemical. It was noted aerial spraying ip dependent upon the weather. "Any inconvenience is regrettable but the value of the many beautiful shade trees throughout the city must not be overlooked," the department said. "If car, boats or trailers cannot be moved, the Park Department recommends covering with a plastic drop cloth or other suitable material. If spray material inadvertently gets on cars it will stick to the finish just as it does to trees. However, it can be removed without damage to the auto finish by using any good quality auto cleaner polish or any petroleum distillate such as might be used to remove road oil. Attempts to remove spray deposit with soap and water will not be effective by itself."