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lamí' - A lew uaysagOjin uerwick, uuj , a good, honest looking country "in1 was looking at the telegraphic wires ket, e with astonishnient. A passerrby Rr0 id him what fie thought of it. "Well old nt know exuctly," replied the fellow, ear t I am sure they wont get me to ridc s'n he darned thing - them wires and pots ur11 ild tcar my breeches all to picces." he Augusta Correspondent of the ant istian Mirror, givestho following ri? sis of the New Licenso Law, which Kee just been enacted by the Maine t101 turo. tee !1. No domestic liquors oí4 an f r natufre shall be sold directly or c01 tly at wholesule or rctail, except for in dicinal and tnechanical purposes. - no rcigu liquors to be sold onhj in such at i uitkies as U. S. laws admit, and ihcn of scller must prove the fact of at i whioh the bill makes no easy mat va ey 2. The oilkers of the several towns s0(y liccnse from one to three persons SOC1 ierbonds of #G00 each for one year 16G scll as ubovö specified. All others bor io sell are fined from one to twenty ag' Hars for first oflence, from $5 to $20 Pro 2d, with a bond of $50 to abate the Bo; isancc for six nionths and forfeiting all " ( ncy received for liquor tlms sold. cve 3. Penalty reóoverable on complaint cor fore justice of the peace, action brought e( name of complainant or town, the a ' If of penalty accruing to prosecutor, titi íer half to town, complainant is u bal ss in the case, and if two of licensing do ard endorse the writ, defendant üv s no costs. If defendant appeals, he wc ves a bond of fifty dollars obligating m to pay all costs, &c. recove red cn; ainst him y 4. All property received for liquor thus lt Id, is recoverable, any time within 0 jars after its reception, by guardián, Uü ;utor, administratoi-; purchasèr or W( or, and is applied by first three to n eve family or relations of purchaser - to y creditor to payment of his oWn debt tn id costs. Seller forfeit not more thari 100 over his receipt." c IVew - Amongthe t0 raduates of Dartmouth College this year, c' i a blind man from the South Boston cc ;itution. th ÍTIassacliusetts. - The new M n factory at Salem, Massachusetts, con1 „ lins 2,000 panes of glass, 2,200,000 ricks, and four halls, capable of holding w 2,000 persons eachi lt is oj)crated by 0] team power. tj", On Friday morning the magnetic teleraph communicated to New York the iet that Catharinc Holleran had stolen c 200 from her employé r, Mr. Healy, fe f Springfield, and had taken the 9 o'clock st rain of cars for New Haven, intending 1e o go thence to New York. A a: ion of the thief was transrnkted to the " íhief of thö pólice of New York, and y vhen Kate arrived at the wharf in that d iity his deputy was waiting for her, and e ecognizing her without difiieulty, took a íer to the Chief 's Office, when $198 of ;he money was found upon her person. c 3he was committed to await the s :ion of the Governor of Massachusetts. Rogues will have to get themselves t( ported by lightning telégraph or o :hing quickcr.- Chronotypc t Jane Jordán, wife of William Jordán, r íq Boston, in a fit of anger, on Thursday t night, took a large quantity of laudanum a and died within an hour She attempted i the same thing on Satuiday last The t immediate cause of her angcr on the part of her husband in cooking a beef-steak. i Young Saíibrd) the Mathematician, is about to leave Vermont and enter upon a í coui-se of study in the highest of the t erary institutions of the country. We c understandthat through the liberality of j friends in Boston and vicinity, f mentshave been made togivea home to j young SaiFord and his parents in ( bridge, Mass., and that the lad's ] tion wil} be undcr the especial charge j of President Evcrett. - Bcllow3 Falls ( Gazcttc. The Exetcr News Letter has a letter from a correspondent who was at ' tucket during the recent conflagraron, 1 which gives a vivid account of that disastrous catastrophe: ' 'Along the path of the flames were ' stored many thousand barrels of oil, and ] tons of spermaceti. The cosks were bürned through, and the liquid ran down the streets, converting them into perfect rivers of iire, driving the appalled 'inhabitants beforc it, and wasting thébüitdings that lined the ways with burning waves. So rapid was its approach to somc points, that men had barely time lo escape, and even two fire engines were left a prey to the element, lt ran out upon the water in the harbor, still blazing, and rcsembled, in its thousand flashes ] and spires of light, a gorgcous palace of s gold amid the sea. The country about was as light as at noon. For hours the town was a lake of fire ; the moon look3d bloody, and the sky glared above, while the noise of the flames was like the roar of the ocean, and the explosión, in ' olowing up the houses, liko the ( aursts of thundcr.of a new kind of Association in that The editor says he was introduced ) the second story of Boylston Marwhero was a pretty good looking ery storo, plenty of customers, one nan keeping accounts, three or four est looking young men, with their . slecves rolled up, weighing and measg goods. The philosophy of the ï is tliis. A number of industrious economicul workingmen have conited tlireo dollars eacli as an initiation and üfty cents a month as a subscripto a society. The society guaranto each tliree dollars a week in case ickness disabling from lubor, and their imon fund is invested in groceries, &c, his store, from which members, and Dthers, are allowed to purchase nearly ost. In this way thcy save the profits he retailcr, as their goods are bought Wholesale prices, and sold at an adce which is quite trifling. The monwhich may bo saved in this way will n amount to an enormous sum. The iety numbers, if we rightly remember, ) inenibersjftnd has G branches in neighing towns, all ot which take advane of the market by bu.ying all their ivisioiis in common. The store in ylston market is open twice a week - sdncsday and Saturday afternoons and mings. Here is a bud of wisdom and nmon sensü in the working men. - Dple in cities are apt to think they have Tiighty advantage in the sharp compeon there is between the grocers, and ters, and tuilorsj &C. &c But they not reflect that all these men have to e and to be paid for waiting for as 11 as upon their customers." The Catholics of Lowell have purased a splöndid church formcrly oWned the Methodists, for their own use.- will accommodatö 2,000 persons. - We learn from the Spy that sevenvicns of Mesmerism havo during the last ack been digging for bidden treasures Spencer, in this county; it is needless add that thcy had only their labor for eir painSi ConilCCÍiCUÍ. - There is an exjriment now being made inConnccticut manufacture cigars by the same ma ïinery used to manufacturo pina. It is jnfidently expected that it will work. The New Haven Register, inforras us uit the workmen in the carpet factories t Thompsonville, whose wages had been ïduced 20 percent, on account of the assage of the new tariíF billj refused to ork, and the Company having so many rders to supply, iinally concluded to set ïem at it again at the old pricc. Rhodc líüíílUíl. - A man has rocntly bcen fined Ín Providence, R. L, )r being "indecently drunk" in the treets. Of course the law in Rhode Ismd makes a distinction between decent nd indecent drunkenness; for as all crimnal charges musí be specific, a man k-ould not be spccially charged with in'ecent drunkenness, unless decent drunknness were a crime of di fie rent charcter, or none at all. A correspondent of the Boston Trans:ript writes thua from Newport on the ubject of bathing : "I had my prejudices against the cusora of both sexes bathing together, but n seeing the fun at Newport, my anipathy against the lashion was much renoved. The sight is picturesque, cerainly. Fancy un encampment of Indims or rathcr, Gipsics,divested of the boilng pot, and you have the scenc previous o an immersion. You cannot teil the gentlemen from the ladies; and in fact, it s difllcult to distinguish the members of vour own fatnily. The gents wear red lannel tunics, duck pants and straw hats; the ladies, tunics, pantaletts of the same :olor, with white collars and wristbands, ind straw hats also. There are as many is 150 bathing houses. You enter on onc side and go on to the beach from the othcr, all equipped to act the part of sca nymphs, or aught elso that seems an appropriate character. It is rcally very exciting to behold the fun. iYeW York. - On Wednesday afternoon a young man named VVilliam Howell, a pupil in the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, whose parents reside in South Carolina, was engaged with some othec members of the Instituto, in tossing peanies, when some words of controversy took place between Howell and a colored boy named John J. Ross, a waitcr in tho establishment; the waitcr made a sign which was understood by the young Southerner to mean 'You are a fooi.' At this Ilowell went to his room andsoon return-. ed with two pistols, and in an aflray whiehi ensued, one of the pistols was discharged and the ball took eflect in the fleshy parfc of one of his arms. The other pistol was taken h-om the assailant, who wa3 arrested and co)Tnmitted to prison and sub-i sequently nxamined on the charge oí L,-. sault antf battery with intenticxn to, i.- ■ Fully comaiitted and held to bail in$ö, 000 to answer.- Tribune x I know not how many, but wo havean army of State weighers, gaugers, measurers, cullors, inspectors, &c, and their dependants and hangers-on, all of.whom obtain their appointmenta under h$ 'm-