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A Scrapbook History Of Lincoln Consolidated (The Building) (1924-1961)

A Scrapbook History Of Lincoln Consolidated (The Building) (1924-1961)  image
David S. Flower
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The Author has done much research, taken many pictures and has interviewed many people in preparation for this history of Lincoln School.

Lincoln School was first given the name of Rural agricultural School District, Number 1, Fractional. It included the Townships of Ypsilanti and Augusta. The next name associated with the school was the Marvin S. Pittman School, the person who was the founder of the school. However, in 1924 Dr. Pittman asked the school board to reconsider and to give the school another name. (Dr. Pittman was the Head of the Rural Education Department at the Normal College). The Board then chose the name of Lincoln and it was confirmed by the school students.

A part of the book deals with the One Room Schools, some of which have been destroyed, and some have been converted into homes. There are pictures of the schools, maps to locate them, and lists of some of the students who attended the schools. The story of how some of the schools were converted into homes provides interesting reading.