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Lambie Diary, January-June 1895

Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image Lambie Diary, January-June 1895 image
William Lambie
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January 1. Pure Sunshine on pure fields of snow-suggestive of purer days to come. Wife went with Anna and Mary to the Motor on the way to Uncle William Campbells. Wife and I went to Son Roberts for dinner and had a pleasant time with Robert's family.

2. Pleasant sunshine-Robert brot Ann and Mary from Mrs. Fletchers and Frank took them to his farm.

3. Went to Town-CAlled on A. McNicle-Son Robert called.

4. 8 above zero-Frank called on his way to Ann ARbor.

5. Wife, Mary and I went to see Mrs. Fletcher, Willie, Harris and Robert.

6. Sabbath and Mrs. Fletcher's Birthday. Thaw and some rain-few at Church-Mary went to Azros after Church.

7. Mild and cloudy-Wife want to Mrs Fletchers for Mary and then Frank took Mary to his farm. Brother Robert called.

8. Cold and frost-Wife and I went to Roberts and then wife went to Bells.

9. Above zero. Frank brought Mary back and went to the Insurance meeting. Wife and Mary went to Town and called on Aunt Eunice.

10. A Snow storm all day-read in the house.

11. Shoveled pathes in the deep snow-Robert came for his cutter.

12. Cold driving snow storm-to stormy to go to Town.

13. Sabbath-Colder yet-4 below zero, bitter blasts all day and did not go to Church. Frank came through the snow drifts and Mary went home wit him. Leah and Mary stayed with us.

14. Above zero and blinks of sunshine-Bell made a pleasant call.

15. Frank brought Mrs. Fletcher, Harris and the Babe with Mary in his bob sleigh. Robert drew manure from town.

16. Pleasant sunshine on pure snow-Robert came after dark and took his mother to see his new born wee boy.

17. Days getting longer-Mary walked home from Azros-Azro man brot back the Cutter.

18. Wife went with Robert to his house-Wrote to Anna. Frank took Mary in his long sleigh to his farm.

19. 24 above zero-Frank came back with Mary-Mary, Wife and I went to Town in the Cutter-Wife and Mrs. Fletcher went to Roberts.

Lambie Diary-1895

January 20. Went to Church in the Cutter-Frank came and Mr & Mrs Scotney, Mr & Mrs Fletcher and the 3 boys.

21. Rain in the night-snow melting-Frank took Mary to his farm.

22. Cold snow storm and bleak blasts-Mary stayed at Franks. Robert took Leah to School in the storm.

23. Cold blasts and blinks of sunshine-Frank and Mary came and Mary went back with Frank. Robert drawing Manure from Town.,

24. Not so blustry-Sunflower in bloom-Robert brought seed barley from Worden and sold him 2 loads of stalks. Frank took Mary to Bells.

25. Burn's Birthday-Drifting snow. Frank sold hay and went round by Bells to take Mary to his house. Brother Robert called in the cold and brot papers.

26. Snow storm in the night-cheerless drifting snow-Did not go to Town-Mary wnet with Frank.

27. Cold drifting zero blasts too cold to go to Church. Wife and I alone. Frank and Mary did not get through the snow drifts. Son Robert called.

28. Four or more below zero-To cold to go to Burne Festival at Ann Arbor after being invitied by Uncle Robert of that City-Frank and Mary came to dinner and both went back to Franks home.

29. 4 above zero after breakfast. Frank came-Mary had a headach Robert called at Mr Fletchers.

30. 6 above zero, pleasant sunshine-Robert drawing manure-Frank and Mary came. Mary and I have a cold.

31. Frank helped Robert to take his pigs to Town-they went past with 2 loads-glad to get them away.

February 1. 10 above zero-Frank and Robert sold hay-Wife and I went to Mrs Fletchers in the cutter.

2. zero again-Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers in the cutter and then wnet to Roberts and saw the wee boy.

3. Belle took us to Church in her Sleigh-A Detroit minister preached.

4. Frank brot us a load of old rails. Mary went with Frank.

5. Mary walked to the depot-long dreary winter. Robert came for a load of hay at 7 when it was 12 below zero. frank and Mary came at 11–2 below still, clear sunshine.

6. Robert took Mary to Mrs. Fletchers-4 below zero-Frank brot a load of old rails-snow and some sunshine.

Lambie Diary-1895

February 7. 4 below zero-Bleak blasts-a long and dreary winter-Frank came to dinner-Received two Almanacs from Straven.

8. Two above zero-Weary blasts-Mary walked home from Azros.

9. Eight above zero still dreary blasts-Leah came through the snow with the milk. Her father now well-Frank came Mary went to Town with him.

10. Wife and I went to Church in the cutter-Mary had a headach.

11. Calm, above zero, sawed wood in the sunshine-potatoes frosted in the cellar, something unusual.

12. Four below zero-Frank and Arthur got a load of hay out the hay house-The wife went to Town with Robert-sold her eggs for 25.

13. Above zero and cloudy-Wife drove to bells in the cutter-Mary walked to Mrs. Fletchers-The cutter tiped over and the horse came home alone. Bell came after it to Mr. Martins. Bell and Martin brot Bells Mother back safe and sound-Very glad no one hurt, unless Bells runs to fast.

14. Eighteen above zero-Valentines day, Frank came-Robert went to Mrs. Fletchers for Mary.

15. Ten above zero, pleasant sunshine, south wind, Robert took Mother to his home-brot her back at night and took down Mary-brother Robert called kindly and brot papers.

16. Cool and bright sunshine-Mary walked to Town.

17. Robert took Mother and Mary to church-Mother had a sick headach-Azro, Willie and Harris came.

18. Wife has headach-snow forenoon almost a thaw-Mary saw a robin-come gentle Spring.

19. Received papers from Australiw-Wife better-20 above zero, Robert sold a big load of hay. Wife and Mary and I went to Mrs. Fletchers in the Surry.

20. Ten above zero-Mary and I went to Town. Mary took ham to the Church supper.

21. Snow, hail and western blasts-30 above zero-Received a letter from Mr. McConachie-Wife has not been well since she fell out of the cutter.

22. Washington's anniversary-Four above zero, pleasant sunshine-Robert sold 2 loads of hay, Mary went to Town with Frank-Wife not well.

23. North Wind and fine sunshine-Mary went to Town and got medicine for her Mother.

Lambie Diary-1895

February 24. Belle took Mary to her Church in the Cutter-I stayed at home with Mrs L who was unwell-Frank, Belle, Azro and his family and Robert and Hattie called.

25. No zero-no frost-mild like Spring-Frank and Robert took a load of hay out of the hay barn.

26. Wife, Mary and I went in the Surry to Mrs Fletchers yesterday in the pleasant sunshine. Wife hardly able to sit up-Frank and Robert took a load of hay out of Roberts barn. Frank sent for Dr. Bonisteel to see his Mother and Belle came.

27. Mild 30 above zero-Belle came to cheer and help us. Mary and her went to Town.

28. No frost, mild and muddy-Belle came after dinner-Robert drew Manure from Town.

March 1. Came gladsome spring-Robert drew manure-Mrs L some better.

2. 12 above zero-Mrs Fletcher came with her horse and little boy-Mary went to Town with her, cold wind and sunshine.

3. Mary and I went to Church in the Surry. Sacrament-Mild at morn, cold storm at night-Mr Fletcher and family came.

4. Cold driving storm-dreary day-a little sunshine in afternoon-Robert and Frank came.

5. Sunshine on the drifted snow-Robert took Mrs. Fletcher and family and Mary to his house for Minn's Birthday. One of his horses broke the tongue of the Buggy and Frank saved Robert the expence of repairing it.

6. Like a winter morning-Son Robert and Hattie not well-Mary and I drove to see them, then Mary went to see Belle.

7. Robert's man brought us a barrel of flour. 20 above zero-Robert not well-his man took the hay to Town and 3 loads of stalks from our barn to his, Belle came and Mary went home with her.

8. Mild and cloudy-Mary and I called on Mrs Fletcher-Went to see sick son Robert-Brother Robert brot papers and wine to Mrs L-Spirits runing (? eggs down to 14 cents already.

9. Cold and cloudy and water froze hard-Mary went to Town with Frank and walked home.

10. Sabbath-Mary and I wnet to Church in the Surry-Frank came.

11. Robert's birthday-10 above zero-rough roads-Mary and I went to Roberts and then to Belle adn got a man to help Robert while he is sick.

12. Robert has 2 men and teams drawing manure from Town. Brother Robert called-Mary and Frank went to Azros at night.

Lambie Diary-1895

March 13. Got the horse shod and the harness repaired-mild and cloudy-Mary and I went down to see sick Robert-his man drawing manure.

14. Two above zero-Mary and Bell only got 10cents for eggs. Belle came at night.

15. Ground froze hard-bleak blasts-Mary and I walked to Roberts.

16. More snow-some sunshine-Mary and I drove to Mrs. Fletchers, another pleasant meeting.

17. Four years since Mother died. Mary and I went to Church. Frank came

18. Like Spring-begun to trim trees in the garden. A gray haired man came at night and proved to be Ruben Ristey the boy who worked for us 40 years ago.

19. The second Robin-Mr Ristey and I walked over the old farm-4 wild geas flew South-Mary drove to Belle.

20 Mary walked to Mrs Fletcher-helped Roberts man to get potatoes out of the cellar-Want to Mrs. Fletchers for Mary.

21. Robert was able to walk to our home-his man took a load of hay to Mr Robinson-Walked home with Robert-Belle went to Ann ARbor.

22. Roberts man took the third load of hay to Mr Robison-Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers. Dr. Batwell came to see Robert.

24. Mary and I went to Church. Mack preached about Sabbath Schools. Robert, FRank and Azro family came.

25. Robert man took 15 bushels of potatoes to L. Davis-Blustry March day-Belle came and Mary went home with her.

26. A little more snow and cold north blasts all day.

27. Fine morning Song sparrows and larks begun to sing-hoed in the garden-pie plant peeping up before the frost is out of the ground. Mary went with Mrs. Frank Fletcher.

28. Cold north wind-carried froze potaotes out the Cellar-Mary sold a dozen eggs for 11. Paid one dollar for the Ypsilantian and one for the Sentenial.

29. Robert and family went to Azros, Belle came and got rain water. Cold blasts.

30. Chilly East wind-Mary walked to Town.

31. Sabbath-Mary and I went to Church with Tobers black horse and he took Eagle-Cold blasts-could hardly keep the house warm.

Lambie Diary-1895

April 1. Cold icy rain-Town meeting day. Robert walked up to see us. A snow shower at night.

2. The chimney burned this morning. Wife Mary and I went to Town-Robert came-cold blasts.

3. Wife, Mary and I went to Roberts for little Ann's birthday.

4. Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs. Fletchers. Mary went back afternoon. Robert and Fox helped us to chafe and saw wood. Belle came-grand Sprin day and the birds singing.

5. Fine Spring morning-Robert man sowing Alaska clover and drawing out horse manure. Wife and I called at Brother Roberts and then brot home Mary.

8. Spread manure and set out grapes-Wife, Mary and I went to Town-Some rain.

9. Saw Harvies Engine go past to saw wood for Robert. Mr Ring helped Mary clen the house. Mr AND Mrs Wm. CAmpbell came-Wife and I called on Mr Gray and Mr Martins family.

10. Spread manure while Robert ploweed by G. Allans.

11. Wife and I went to bElls for dinner. Robert plowing.

12. Robert harnesed the colt-plowed a little. Mary and Belle went to Mrs Fletchers-some rain.

13. Roberts man plowing and harrowing-I worked seting posts and nailing up board for a grape arbor-Wife walked to Roberts-Bonnie blue skies and white shining fleecy clouds.

14. Wife, Mary and I went to Church and saw the beautiful flowers for Easter. Mr Fletcher and family came and Frank.

15. My Birthday-Reminding me of native Straven, in dear old Scotland in 1821, the earth and sky could hardly have been more beautiful that day than this. Son Robert and family, Mr Fletcher and 3 sons, Belle adn Willie Scotney came to celebrate my 74 birthday. We had a good feast and a pleasant gathering-Brother Robert brot me a grand present and he has been the kindest friend on earth to me.

16. Robert finished drilling barley, I got up the grape arbor-cold and cloudy.

17, Robert sowed more Barley-got the garden and berry bushes plowed out-Mrs Fletcher and Mary went to Belle.

18. Sunny morning and no ice. Began to work in the garden-planted peas and potatoes.

Lambie Diary-1895

April 19. Robert and his man plwing-sowed onions, radize, beats and parnships-Saw a swallow-Belle came.

20. Mary took her Mother to the Motor to go to Uncle Williams. Called on Mrs Fletcher after she came back.

21. Belle and Willie Fletcher went to Church with us. Mr Murphy the Temperance man preached. Eunice Lambie back from the Sunny South.

22. A little rain last night-Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers. Buds on the Peach trees-Robert plowing.

23. Planted Freeman potatoes-Wife walked to Roberts.

24. Robert has a man rolling and 1 man drilling Data. Warm and sunny. Mary went to help Hattie-Carried out the soft apples out the Cellar.

25. Mary came back-Roberts man drilling-Robert helped me to plant potatoes and peas. Brother, wife and daughter called.

26. Cut potatoes for seed-Robert took a load of hay to Azro-it tiped over and bothered him.

27. Hleped Robert to drop early potatoes and he covered them nicely with his cultivator, his man rolled and smoked. Wife and Mary brot up Mrs Fletcher and her boys and they gathered wild flowers at Roberts home.

28. Wife, Mary and I called on Mrs Everts and young Mrs Gray-Got a letter from Ruben.

May 1. Earth like Eden-Peach buds opening red with bloom-Wife and Mary went to Bells-Me to Roberts. 3 went to Mrs Fletchers in afternoon.

2. Robert plowing the marsh and his man the sand. Mary walked to Mrs Fletchers.

3. Driols singing amoung the Peach blossoms-went to see Robert plowing the Marsh-afternoon warm 86 in the shade-after dinner Mr Hunter came.

4. Wife, Mary and I went to Town and came round by Mrs Fletchers. Vary warm 90 in the shade.

5. Warm at Church-92 in the shade after dinner. Frank came.

6. A welcome shower this forenoon-Robert got the Marsh plowed-planted hollihocks and wall flowers.

7. Refreshing rain at morn-Robert working 2 teams.

Lambie Diary-1895

May 8. Went to Mrs Fletchers-got a bag of potatoes and corn at the Lake Shore depot from friend Ruben Ristey-Wife got a letter regarding Mr Calhouns Estate.

9. Went to Franks early-Robert helped to carry out the stoves. Mrs. Ring halped Mary to clean the house. Frank and his man and I took all the bad potatoes out of his pila.

10. Helped Robert get a load of good potatoes out the cellar and all the bad ones his man rolled and harrowed by Martins brook. Wife, Mary and I called at Mr. Martins and Mr & Mrs Ben Voorhees and then went to Town.

11. A heavy thunder shower in the night and a beautiful rainbow in the morning then cold and wet.

12. Thermometer down to nearly freezing-horses shaking and kicking in the cold stable.

13. Monday still cold, ice formed some places-cold showers. the hans scracthing the garden-like to ruin it-worked making an inclouser to confine them. Wife and Mary went to Town-brot papers from Australia and Scotland.

14. Cold and a wet snow shower when we got up. Corn and Tomatoes wilted.

15. Mary took her mother to Mrs Fletchers-still cold.

16. Thermometer 34 at sunrise-made a park for the hens. Robert helped to clip their wings.

17. Brother Robert and I had a pleasant ride to FRanks farm and round by Belle-planted corn.

18. Robert has two men helping to plant corn. Wet afternoon-did not go to Town.

19. Mrs Fletcher brot home Mary and we went to Church-Cold yet.

20. 34 at sunrise-hoad potatoes-Wife and I went to Mrs Fletchers-Brother Robert brot a paper with an acount of Wm. Adairs death.

21. A sad morning for farmers, Thermometer 32 at sunrise. Wife and Mary went to Town, sent a paper to Australia.

22. Marys birthdays, 40 at sunrise pleasant-Received a letter from James Hamilton, Glasgow regarding the death of Archy Hamiltons daughter Udstane.

23. Wife went to Bells then Franks, next on the Motor to Uncle Wms and then to Mrs Fletchers in afternoon.

24. The Queen's Birthday-Was to inform to go to see the British Soldiers of Windsor.

Lambie Diary-1895

May 25. The horse got the rope round its hind legs and fell and hurt itself.

26. Sabbath-A wet morning stayed at home.

27. 40 at dawn. Got the lame horse shod.

28. Sent at letter to Wilson Brothers in Glasgow.

29. My had(?) was rather num could hardly drive the horse-Robert plant corn and potatoes on the new Marshland.

30. Sowed peas-Robert replanted corn-92 in the shade. Decoration Day. J Campbell and daughter called.

31. Wife, Mary and I went to the Church meeting 95 in the shade.

June 1. Peas in bloom-Robert planting potatoes. Robert brot home Anna. Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers-warm 95 in the shade.

2. Sacrament-very warm-Robert and fRank came.

3. Roberts man cultivated the garden-Wife and I went to Roberts and looked over the farm.

4. A grand refreshing rain, nearly a wet day-Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Town.

5. Wife took Amm and Mary to Mrs Fletchers-a fine day.

6. Wife and the Girls went to Bells-Robert sold 3 hogs to Spenser. Robert bought land from Mrs Lavridge-Wife and I went to A. McNicols and got flowers.

7. Wife and I went to John Campbells-a bright beautiful happy day.

8. The day to plant Ruban's potatoes, Frank took his potatoes out the Cellar-Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Town and Mrs Fletchers. Robert and I looked over the old home farm.

9. Sabbath-Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Church-Children's Day Robert Addison was babtized.

10. Grand morning warm at noon 94 in the shade.

11. Wife, Ann and Mary wnet to Mrs Fletcher and brot up her, Harris and little Robert-a happy household.

12. Wife went to Bells and came home in a good shower.

13. Ann and Mary had supper at Mrs Fletchers and a plesant drive.

14. Frank puting a sill under Roberts house. Wife and I called at Brother Roberts then at Mrs Wolseys and James Hamiltons.

Lambie Diary-1895

June 15. Wife, Anna, Mary and I went to Town and to Mrs Fletchers-had green peas for dinner-cool breezes.

16. Sabbath-Wife, Anna, Mary Bell and I went to Church-a little cool.

17. Mr Fletcher helping Robert to lay floors in the old farm home. J. Hamilton sent a bushel of strawberries. Frank surveying. Ann, Mary adn bell gathered roses on Franks farm.

18. Wife took Ann and Mary to Mrs Fletchers to stay overnight. I put paris green on the potatoes about as long as I could stand up. We received a very kind invitation from Margaret Inglis to visit at Gerfie Avenue. Robert and Mr Fletcher repaired the barn.

19. Bells birthday, a grand refreshing rain in the night. Ann, Mary, Wife and I, Robert, Hattie, Leah, Mime. Mary Anna and Willie BEll and Miss McDugel had a happy gathering and grand supper at Mr Fletchers.

20. Wife, Mary and i went and saw Lidlaw and the RR Garden.

21. Wife and Ann went to the closing of Leahs School. Robert sold a load of hay to Azro.

22. Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Town and Mrs Fletchers.

23. Sabbath-Bell came went to Church with us-stayed till night. Ann, Mary and Willie Fletcher went home with her.

24. Some thunder and a little rain in the night. Wife and I went to Detroit and spent a pleasant day with good sister Agnes and her family.

25. Robert and his man helped Azro to move nearer the cremery. Harris and Robert stayed with us till night, a shower went round South of us.

26. Wife, Ann and bell went to the closing of the Normal. I howed weedey potaotes. Robert helped Azro. Frank drew in hay of the land lately bought from Mrs Louveridge.

27. Wife, Ann, Mary and I called on Mrs Fletcher in her new home.

28. Robert and his men draw in the light crop of hay north of the green trees. Brother Robert brot pressents for my Wifes birthday and a boy picked cherries.

29. William, Andrew, Robert, John campbell and their Wives and the second and 3 generations of friends came to honor my Wifes birthday about 40 old and young. The grandchildren sung and marched round her chair giving her blue bells as they passed.

30. Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to church-Mr Rian preached.

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