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Diary of Lottie F. Warner

Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image
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After dinner Joe & I went for a ride to Papa's and Anna Goodrich's. Mable, Minnie, Ardis, (??) Will Davis, Allan Paton, Joe & I took lunch at O Henry's, and all went to prayer meeting afterwards. Joe and I sat up to talk after Grandma and Grandpa went to bed.

Monday July 4, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Joe and I went for a ride. Aunt Lizzie, Harry & Uncle Dick were up here for dinner also Henry Paton, Mabel and her friend Carrie over after dinner and we all went to work to plan a picnic.

Joe and I went to Papa's and he talked business to Papa while I went in the house.

After tea O Henry, Will D, C.H.S, (Could be Charlie Stanting,) Mabel, Minnie, Joe & I went to Mannie's to help her freeze ice cream for the picnic. We staid in the kitchen and made things lively for the family.

Tuesday July 5, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Henry, Joe, Allan P., (??) C.H.S, Mannie, Mabel, Minnie & I went to Lakeville. We started about 9:30. We got over to Deer Point in time to eat our dinner. I had a splendid time to visit with Joe, we went off for flowers but brought back but few.

We had a delightful ride home in the moonlight and got home at eleven o'clock. Minnie caught two fish 5 3/4 & 2 3/4 lb.

Wednesday July 6, 1892 Almont, Michigan

We spent the morning riding, visiting & calling. We took dinner at Aunt Lizzie's and afterwards took Uncle Charley's (James Findley Ferguson's older brother Charles born 1847, died 1923.) horse & surrey to take Joe to Romeo. Henry drove for us. O how hard it seems to leave Joe after having such a nice time together! There's a good time coming.

I called on Meta Gray (??) & Marie Brewer (??) while waiting in Romeo.

Mabel, Minnie and Henry were here a little while in the evening.

Thursday July 7, 1892 Almont, Michigan

It seemed strange to-day to not see Joe around. I worked around the house all morning and in the afternoon, went to Mabel's to tea.

I walked down town with Mannie and C.H.S came back with me to eat some of his Lakeville fish.

Friday July 8, 1892 Almont, Michigan

After staying down town the most of the morning, I came home to dinner and started to Imlay City in the afternoon. I tried to find a place to live next year but did not succeed and had a talk with Mr. Broesawlae. (??) Tilla (??) and Anna Stewart (??) were with me & we staid to Kittie Bartlett's (??) to tea. Carrie home at ?????????? with a headache.

Wrote to Joe. It is very strange that he has not written to me since he went back.

Saturday July 9, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Worked some and fooled the afternoon away. Minnie Ardis, Mabel and Henry were here. In the evening there was a crowd of us out serenading Robert was in the crowd. He appears terribly hurt at the way I have done, but how was I always to have his attention. I must stop it some place. I think as much of him as ever and value him as a most excellent friend.

No letter from Joe. What can be the matter?

Sunday July 10, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Attended Sunday School & church. In the afternoon several of our C. E. went to the Rider district (??) to organize a C. E. I staid away from prayer meeting and wrote to Joe. I am afraid when he gets it, he will think my heart almost broken.

Tom Paton, (Tom later became an M.D. and practiced in Ypsilanti, Mi.) C.H.S. Minnie, Mabel & I went to church together.

Retired early.

Monday July 11, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I have actually worked hard to-day. I did the house-work and helped wash besides picking pease.

I went to Aunt Lizzie's to tea. Mabel, Minnie & I had ice-cream with C.H.S. & H.W.B. (??) after having had some fun with the rest of the folks at Nellie's.

I had a nice long letter from Joe to-night. His hired man went away & he has been awfully busy since he got home.

Tuesday July 12, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Ironed some in the morning and went to the farm (??) twice. In the afternoon I went to the farm again and did some errands.

Towards evening I helped pick peas and currants. Had a letter from Carrie & from Joe. He is going to make up for previous lost time I guess. I wrote to him this afternoon.

Wednesday July 13, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Allie McH Helped Grandma some to make her jelly and it was awfully warm. I wonder how I will like it to be in a hot kitchen to get my own fruit put up.

I have begun some more linen work. How Joe dislikes to have me do it. He says it hurts my eyes. (The rest of the page is torn out.)

Thursday July 14, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Covered up the jelly & did some little odd jobs for Grandma in the morning. In the afternoon Mabel & I made a very unfashionable call on Belle Robertson. After tea Nellie, Mabel & I called on Mrs. W.J. McKone, (??) Myrtle King (??) & ?????????? & Mrs. Merriam. (??) (The rest of the page is torn out.)

Friday July 15, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I did a good deed for myself to-day in mending up my old clothes and looking over them to see what was needed.

In the afternoon I cleaned and mended the skirt to my black dress. Mabel was over a little while in the evening. I have actually staid at home all day. What will be the result?

Saturday July 16, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I did some house work and by various things managed to keep busy until afternoon when I hitched up and Grandma & I went to the farm. After I brought her home Nellie & I went for a ride.

After tea Gertie Harris (??) called and then I went to the farm for butter and did not get home very early.

I wrote to Grandma C. and Ada Card. Began a letter to Joe.

Sunday July 17, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Attended church and Sabbath School and after dinner I went to the Sunday School up west with James Taylor. (??)

I came home and led the prayer meeting and attended evening service. C.H.S. (Could be Charley Stanting.) walked home with me and R.A.R, (Robert A. Robertson) with Mabel.

“It made me laugh.” Every spare moment I used in writing to Joe and sent home a letter long enough to make him want a lunch before he finishes it.

Tuesday July 19, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Show in town Irene & Robbie are down (Her half brother and sister lived in Imlay City.) Parade-balloon ascension-Take the children home. Didn't go to the show but wanted to very much.

Thursday July 21, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Well I have sewed a good deal to-day. After tea I went for a little ride but more to talk to Nellie. Received a nice long letter from Joe, the second one this week. I have written three letters to him. I think of him so much more than I ever thought I would of anyone but-it's different again.

Friday July 22, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Sewed some in the morning, wrote to Joe. After dinner took a nap and went to Aunt Lizzie's to tea. Grace Hall is visiting Mary Bishop and staid all night with me.

We of course, had to talk for awhile. Got a box of pansies from Joe.

Saturday July 23, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Grace and I drove to see Annie Paton and Tom came back with us. Uncle Charlie's folks were here to dinner and tea. After tea I took Grace to Mr Bishop's. Hugh Mair went along and I had company back. In the evening Belle, John, Robert, ???? were at Nellie's. The band played.

Letter from Joe. Hugh begins to Sh??k thew frequent. That is alright. It makes no difference to Hugh.

Sunday July 24, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Church & Sabbath School in the morning, Helped to get dinner. Mary (May have been someone hired to help around the house.) went home for a week. Wrote to Joe and how I did wish that he was here.

Wrote to Blanche Fray. (??) It was awfully warm. Attended church and prayer meeting.

Monday July 25, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Up at 5:30 and had my mornings work done at 9:30. Sewed some and got dinner.

Mabel Taylor was in a little while after dinner. Went to the farm immediately after supper for milk and butter.

The prayer meeting committee met here in the evening.

Tuesday July 26, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Arose at 5:30 again and had my work done at 8:30. Whew! How Smart! Had a letter from Joe and Grandma C.

Was at Nellie's a few minutes in the evening. Very Tired. Wrote to Joe. I was tired.

Wednesday July 27, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Didn't get up quite so early but I had my bread mixed and breakfast ready at seven. I had more to do to-day and didn't get my work done so early.

But it is so warm these days that I am nearly played out. Attended prayer meeting & C.E. business meeting. Hugh Mair walked home with me.

Thursday July 28, 1892 Almont, Michigan

A little bit cooler to-day and after my dinner work was done I had ambition to change my dress and go down town.

Went to the church to supper. Will Matthews and I went for a ride after tea after which Nellie & John, Mabel and Robert came up as far as my porch and spent the rest of the evening.

Ada Card-19.

Friday July 29, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Work again! I am beginning to get used to it now. I believe house work will not be so bad after all, if I ???? get used to it but school-teaching.

Was down town in the evening. Hugh Mair walked home with me. Got a letter from Joe.

Saturday July 30, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Worked pretty hard all day. Had very good success with my baking so I guess there is hope for me yet, that I may become a decent housekeeper.

Called on ???? in the afternoon. Mabel and I went down town in the evening. I didn't get a letter as I expected.

Sunday July 31, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Attended morning service & Sabbath School. After doing up the dinner work I wrote to Joe. Mabel was over here and so was Henry.

Attended prayer meeting and service in the evening. Myra True was there and a few of us staid to talk with her awhile. C.H.S. walked home with me.

Monday August 1, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I helped Mary until the dinner work was out of the way. I then put frosting on my cake for the social. Changed my dress and went to Nellie's. On my way back had quite a talk with Will Matthews. After we had our tea Uncle Sandy came with a friend. Helped get them ??? then st??? with the girls for a lawn social at Evart Ferguson's. (??) It was a little cloudy but the band was out & we had a good time. Robert R-walked home with me. A letter from Joe.

Tuesday August 2, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Ironed some and about eleven o'clock took a ride bringing Myra True home to dinner with me. She went back home in the afternoon and I went to the train with her, afterwards came and took Grandma to Aunt Lizzie's, meeting (??) & Rose McKay (??) coming to see me. After tea I took Will Mathews for a little ride & got Grandma home. Had a nice big letter from Joe and one from Blanch Fray.

Wednesday August 3, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Ironed quite a while in the morning. Afterwards made button holes in an underwaist so that they are all done now. Attended prayer meeting but, disliking to listen to J.H Paton, I did not feel very well while sitting there. O, that I might get over feeling so hard against some people because they have their own personalities.

Met Mr. Gibbons, Uncle Dick's new jeweler.

Thursday August 4, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I did some errands in the morning and went to Aunt Lizzie's to dinner. Aunt Belle (Could have been Lottie's mother's sister.) came home at noon and I took her home with Uncle Charlie's horse. Levi Moore (??) was here to tea and after amusing Grandpa and him with some Scotch airs. (Grandpa was born inn Scotland.) I took a ride, coming home a little after eight.

Read awhile but retired quite early. Received a letter from Frank McHardy. (??) (Must be related to Lottie's Grandmother Charlotte McHardy Ferguson.)

Friday August 5, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I intended to go to Rome to-day but the forbidding looks of the sky kept me at home from there at least although I was down town twice in the morning and part of the afternoon. I had Dr Price pull a tooth for me and it hurt but-I kept quiet.

Called at Aunt Jennie's a little while in the evening met Mabel and all Saubon (??) ??????? with us after we had been in the drug store awhile. I had a letter from Joe, and he has hurt his foot with a nail. Nettie Sauford 23.

Saturday August 6, 1892 Almont, Michigan

After doing up what little work falls to me I hitched up, got Aunt Augusta (Was most likely a Carpenter relative.) and went to Romeo to spend the day at Hovey's. We had a very pleasant visit and got home about six o'clock. I was at Nellie's a little while in the evening. Tom Paton was there and walked home with me. It is a beautiful moonlight night.

Sunday August 7, 1892 Almont, Michigan

My face is swollen from the effects of having my tooth extracted and I didn't go to church. Attended Sunday School.

In the afternoon took a nap besides writing my letters. I wish that I might have Joe here to talk to this afternoon. Attended prayer meeting and church in the evening.

Monday August 8, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Did up the morning's work while Mary washed. Busied myself about several odd jobs this morning. After resting awhile after dinner I tore off skirts for two night-gowns and went to work. Aunt Lizzie came up and I gave her a ride home about five o'clock. I gave Mr. Gibbons, a little ride. Had a nice long talk with Nellie after tea and we both got frightened at two dogs chained together. It threw me down.

I received two nice letters from Joe to-day. How I do wish that I could see him! I'll wait as patently as I can.

Tuesday August 9, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Pressed out my brown dress and ripped up part of another dress ready to have them made over for a school dress. I took Grandpa down to the Bank after dinner and sewed up the skirt of my night dress. I do wish that my sewing was all done for vacation is nearly over and I have some work to think of yet.

Was down town, Nellie and I had a little ride with John Robertson. (Could be Robert Robertson's brother or cousin.)

Don (Could be Don McHardy Ferguson SR 1880–1915. He was the third child born to Charles R. Ferguson, Lottie's father's older brother.) is here to stay all night. Wrote to Lotta Mills.

Wednesday August 10, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Pressed out some more old cloth to-day and out of it I'll soon have a new dress. Sewed some. George Wilcox (??) cut the oats and was here to dinner. Called on Grace Townsend (??) in the afternoon. (The rest of the page is torn out.)

Thursday August 11, 1892 Almont, Michigan E.A. McHardy-25 (??)

Drove up to Aunt Bell's in the morning with Aunt Lizzie. Sewed all afternoon. Rec'd a letter from Eva.

Was down town in the evening and (The rest of the page is torn out.)

Friday August 12, 1892 Almont, and Flint, Michigan

Up at four o'clock. Will M (McHardy) drove to Imlay City with me so as to bring my horse back. I got to Grandma C-(She lived in Flint, Michigan a very large town 36 miles northwest of Almont.) about noon and was so tired that I actually went to sleep in the afternoon. Visited all evening and retired about 9:30.

Saturday August 13, 1892 Flint, Michigan

Up early in the morning and did nothing much but talk all morning and in the afternoon I enjoyed a ride in the woods. It was delightful. I do wish that Joe might have been there with me.

Sunday August 14, 1892 Flint and Almont, Michigan

Arose about six o'clock, making a long morning until ten when I started for home. In Lapeer (A small town 19 miles east of Lapeer.) I met Tom Taylor.

I took dinner at the Bancroft House in Imlay City. (A very small town 12 miles east of Lapeer.) Met Florence Ames, (??) Sheldon Youngs, (??)

Homer Ferguson, (??) and Walter Abbs. (??)

Grandpa came after me, got home about four o'clock. Found Mrs. Mckoon (The seamstress) at work for me. Mabel & Walter King came to call. After tea I went town town met Nellie with John and had a great time with them. Two letters from Joe.

Thursday August 18, 1892 Almont, Michigan

All went to Stag Island (??) for a picnic. It is about seven miles up the St. Clair river. (A large river 29 miles east of Almont. The river is a natural border between Michigan and Canada.) Got home about 7:30 and we girls took the boys and treated them to ice-cream.

I didn't enjoy myself very well in the evening.

Friday August 19, 1892 Almont and Yale, Michigan

Drove over to Yale (A small town 26 miles northeast of Almont. Aunt Mi, Lottie's great Aunt or Cousin lived in Yale.) with Maude Paton. Had a rainy time of it.

Saturday August 20, 1892 Yale, Michigan

Aunt Mi took us for a drive all around Yale and enjoyed it much. Had a fall from the hammock and nearly broke my neck.

Met Mr. Phillip Doelle (??) in the evening, and Stella Darcy (??) called with her sister.

Sunday August 21, 1892 Yale, Michigan

Attended church both morning and evening and wrote a couple of letters-Blanche and Joe.

Monday August 22, 1892 Yale and Almont, Michigan

It was a most awfully dusty time and we drove home-26 miles. I didn't enjoy that quite so much and I didn't get home until nearly nine o'clock.

Tuesday August 23, 1892 Almont, Michigan

After doing quite a few odd jobs in the morning I went down town and did some errands. Received letters from Eva, Joe and Ada Card.

Met Eva at the evening train and was wonderfully glad to see her.

Wednesday August 24, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Henry, Eva & I went for a ride in the morning. In the afternoon it rained and Mabel & Henry were here to tea and staid most of the evening. We did not go to prayer-meeting and retired early.

Thursday August 25, 1892 Almont, Michigan

We went to Imlay City if it did rain. We engaged a boarding place.

Had dinner with S.B. Young (??). After dinner we went to Mr. Brosawlcs' and to the schoolhouse. Started for home about two o'clock and drove around where I used to seach. (??) Mannie & Mabel call in the afternoon. Henry, Hugh, Eva & I went to Aunt Lizzie's in the evening.

Friday August 26, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Eva & I went for a drive in the morning and then went to Aunt Lizzie's to dinner. Eva went home at noon and then I didn't know what to do with myself.

Went home & wrote some letters. Mabel & I went down town after tea and when we were with R.A.R. and C.H.S., who should I see but J.M.R. (??)

How strange I feel when I see him. I pray that I may never dread the sight of Joe as I do of him.

Sunday August 28, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Attended services at the Baptist Church in the morning but feeling too much under the weather, I did not go to Sabbath School. I came home and lay down.

Aunt Lizzie's and Uncle Charlie's (The only Aunt Lizzie I know of is Elizabeth Ann Ferguson Bowman, a sister of Lottie's father James Findley Ferguson. Her husbands name was H. Dexter Bowman and I don't know if they called him Charlie or not.) folks were here in the afternoon.

Wrote a big, long, letter to Joe. Attended prayer meeting. Joe Gibbons went to the Baptist Church (I don't know why the Baptist Church, the Ferguson's always attended the Congregational Church in Almont.) with me and had quite a little visit with me after church.

Monday August 29, 1892 Almont, Michigan

After helping with the house-work in the morning I had several errands to do. Baked a cake helped get dinner. After dinner I went down town, spent part of the afternoon at Maude Washer's. (??)

Was at Nellie's in the evening. Didn't get a letter from Joe. What can be the matter?

Tuesday August 30, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Went to bed so sleepy last night that I scarcely was able to wake up this morning. Took Aunt Lizzie, Harry and Grandma to Aunt Belle's and were all there to dinner. Grandma and I staid to tea. The more I see Louise, (??) the more I realize her worth.

Letter from Joe and how I do wish he was not so busy so he could come out but then to I'm glad he is busy. Went down town with Henry in the evening.

Wednesday August 31, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Aunt Lizzie came up and I took her for a ride. Margaret Kidder, Nellie and Louise took tea with me. We enjoyed the afternoon and after tea Nellie, Louise and I went to prayer meeting. Louise staid all night with me and we had a nice long visit when other folks slept.

I had a nice letter from Joe. I did hope he could come out again to see me but he must wait awhile now.

Thursday September 1, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Took Louise home and brought Aunt Belle down town. Grandma and I spent the rest of the day at Papa's. Waited for Grandpa to come to tea and in the meantime I took Will Mathews for a ride.

Hugh Mair went with me to a party out at Fred Churchill's. (??) Nearly thirty were present and had a splendid time. We got home about one o'clock.

Friday September 2, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Have done but little work to-day. Mary came up and had quite a visit with me this morning. In the afternoon I went to a ball game-the Republicans and Democrats.

Tom and I had tea with Lucy and Mary. (Mary Thurston, I think.) They have such a pleasant home. Had a pleasant time in the evening, seeing so many of the young people. Mr. Gibbons came home with me. How thankful I am that my home is cast among so many kind people and such kind, good parents (She is referring to her Grandpa and Grandma Ferguson.) to care for me.

Saturday September 3, 1892 Almont and Imlay City, Michigan

In the midst of my packing, Grace Townsand and Marie Brewer call, a little later Lucy Thurston, and Mabel Taylor was in too. After dinner I did some errands down town, then after talking to Grace a few minutes Papa came and we started for Imlay City.

I found Ada Card and Nettie Sanford there before me. We went to the train to meet Eva and after tea we all went to meet Mary Lovell, Stella Taylor went with us and Walter Abbs and his wife were there too. I think I am going to like my work but I am not “stuck” on our boarding place.

Sunday September 4, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Nettie S & I went to the Cong. Church while Eva and Ada went to the Methodist Church. We talked in the afternoon awhile and laid down.

I wrote to Joe and not a very short one either. We all went to prayer meeting and church. I think there are some pleasant people here.

Monday September 5, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

First day of school over and I have really enjoyed every moment of the day. At noon I received a letter from Joe and how glad I was to get it not one of the girls knew.

Only taught half day, had teachers' meeting in the afternoon and did some work. After tea we all went to do some errands and Blanch Slaevau (??) and Ermma Bubby (??) came back with us. We girls laughed nearly all evening long.

Tuesday September 6, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

I got along very will for the second day. Got a letter from Joe and it does seem so good to have his letters. Our board here is simply miserable and I cannot endure it unless it improves.

After tea Eva and I were down town and had quite a long talk with Mr. and Mrs. Holden (They ran the drug store in Imlay City.) and Caude Drake. (??) Went to bed quite early but was very tired.

Wednesday September 7, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Board has been a little better to-day. Board met with us teachers to-night and I know I am going to dislike some of them. Work has gone over just as if it had been going a week.

Fred Churchill, Alex Mair and Tom Poston called on us girls this evening and it does seem so good to have the boys come in but they will soon be away.

Thursday September 8, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

After a long day we had a little pleasure in the evening. Nettie, Ada, Eva, and I went with Mate Lovell over to Mrs. Eldredge's (??) to see a Night Blooming Cereus. (A house plant.) It was beautiful.

Friday September 9, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

I feel so unsettled, being so dissatisfied with the place where we are just staying. We were all down town after school with Mrs. Holden and she took us to the Johnson house to see about boarding and found it cheaper than private house $3.00.

We had a pleasant time in the evening in the back part of Mr. Holden's Drug Store. Another letter from Joe.

Saturday September 10, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

We left Mrs. Messer's (The place they had been boarding for the past week.) and have taken up our abode at the Johnson House.

In the morning, I went with the rest of the girls and worked at the school house. After dinner I took my bath and wrote in my class record while Eva went to the school-house to do some more work.

We all went to Mrs Tom Taylor's to tea and enjoyed ourselves very much, getting “home” at just a few minutes after nine.

Sunday September 11, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Mary May Leland. Three Rivers. (Three Rivers is 20 miles south of Kalamazoo, this girl may have been a friend she met at The Normal.)

Attended church and Sabbath School. While at dinner rec'd a telephone message that I would have two callers from home.

Wrote letters in the afternoon to Blanch and Joe. Fred Morton and Allie Sauborn took tea with us and attended church with us. We had a pleasant little visit on the veranda after church.

Monday September 12, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Another week begins! I worked at the school-house until nearly 5:30. It seems to me that it is hard work and little pay.

After tea I bought a pair of Indian Clubs and we girls swung clubs in the dance hall.

Eva was out all evening and I read most of the time. Had a letter from Joe.

Saturday September 17, 1892 Almont, Michigan

At Home! How good it seems! Took dinner with Aunt Lizzie. After dinner I went home and took Grandma out for a ride. Mary had to go home to-day on account of her mother's sickness. I spent the evening at Mary Thurston's. Had a pleasant time. Nellie and John (??) came home with me.

Sunday September 18, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Mary Thurston 21

Thursday September 22, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Helen A. Norton-24

Well there are nearly three weeks gone and it has been school to me. I have enjoyed my work quite well. Sometimes things go crosswise but I try to keep as good natured as possible.

Nettie, the Misses Johnson and I went to prayer meeting and afterward to Mrs. Abbs' (??) and staid awhile. We have pleasant times here but sometimes I am afraid they are too pleasant.

Wednesday October 5, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Had a telegram from Joe said he would be here tomorrow night. We girls spent the evening at Cora Dodge's (??) with our work.

Thursday October 6, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Worked all day in anticipation of getting a reward at night. I went to prayer-meeting expecting to go to the train afterwards but before meeting was over I was called out and there was Joe. OH!

Well, I just was glad and I could not tell how I felt to see him. I had but little chance to see him that night; for there was so many around and there we had to retire early but-well I felt happy.

Friday October 7, 1892 Imlay City and Almont, Michigan

Joe went to school with me in the morning but didn't spend the entire morning in my room and I was glad.

Maude Paton SR. came after us at night and I was glad to get home for more than one reason. We called on the Thurston girls in the evening.

We had quite a visit after Grandma and Grandpa went to bed. I am glad that they seem glad to see him, for it seems a pleasanter condition of affairs.

Saturday October 8, 1892 Almont, Michigan

A.L.G.-22 (???) Joe went down town with Grandpa while I had some work to attend to. In the afternoon he helped put up some window shades.

We took tea at Aunt Lizzie's and I felt so miserable that I was at last persuaded to go to the doctor.

I really do feel worried once in a while about my feeling but still I suppose of I take care of myself I need not worry.

Sunday October 9, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Well morning came and I didn't feel about to go and so Joe wouldn't go. I wonder if it will always be so in the years to come.

Aunt Jennie's and Aunt Lizzie's families were up in the afternoon and I sat up then. After they left Joe and I went to Papa's and spent the evening and had a nice ride home in the moonlight.

We sat up quite late at night to visit-the last time for sometime. O dear! He is so good to me and he is so thoughtful.

Monday October 10, 1892 Almont and Imlay City, Michigan

Up early inn the morning and John (??) brought Joe and I to Imlay City. How I dislike to bid him good-bye. When night came I couldn't help but think of him.

Tuesday October 11, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan G. W. Paton-24.

Thursday October 13, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Mr Johnson (The girls boarded at the Johnson House.) took Lu, Nettie, Ruby J, Eva and me to Lapeer. There was a big Republican Parade there and it was quite a sight. We got home before ten O'clock.

All the girls but me rode on the merry-go-round. Saw John Sutton.

Saturday October 15, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Moved to no 4 for sitting room and no 6 for bedroom. We had them fully initiated before morning. Such a noise as we did make was enough to drive anyone mad.

Thursday October 27, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan C.L. Watson-25

Friday October 28, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan Margaret Kidder-22

Tuesday November 1, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan H.W. Paton-26

Friday November 4, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan Louise-28

Saturday November 5, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan H.M. Brauer-27

Wednesday November 23, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Came Home. Miss Lovell with me.

Thursday November 24, 1892 Almont, Michigan Dinner at C. R's (??)

Tuesday November 26, 1892 Almont, Michigan At Father's, Aunt Lizzie's.

Friday December 2, 1892 Imlay City, Michigan

Fred Morton came after me. (Fred probably took Lottie home to Almont.)

Friday December 23, 1892 Imlay City and Almont, Michigan

The last day of the term and I cannot say that I am sorry for I am already for a rest and a good time. Fred Morton came after me and I was not long in getting ready to go home. I was down town in the evening and to Aunt Isabel Morton's. I felt tired enough to go to bed but had some work to finish hence staid up. Saw Fred Churchill to speak with him but a moment.

Friday December 24, 1892 Almont, Michigan

We had our Christmas dinner to-day and it was as they usually are-a big one both in number of people and in the amount of food eaten.

I felt rather tired from the amount of running around that I did. At night I went to meet Joe. The train was two hours late and I spent my time at the church where the Y.P.A. was having a reception. Many old friends were there. I was glad, indeed, when the train came in and I was beside Joe again. He gave me a diamond ring. It made my gift to him seem insignificant.

Sunday December 25, 1892 Almont, Michigan

“A Merry Christmas.” Joe and I attended church and Sabbath School. Mabel Taylor came home to dinner with us and staid until we went to Aunt Lizzie's where we staid until time for prayer-meeting. We attended Prayer-meeting and church service. A. W. Sauborn, (??) J.B. Gibbons, (??) and Mabel Taylor confessed Christ. I pray thee, O Father, help me to assist them by a loving consistent life.

Joe and I talked until quite late. It does seem so peaceful and good to have him with me. He is very urgent for me to consent to hasten the time when we may live together.

Monday December 26, 1892 Almont, Michigan

We didn't arise very early and I helped with the work. Joe and I went to Aunt Jennie's a little while after dinner.

Anna Goodrich called to see me. She noticed my new ring and of course, made many remarks.

We spent the evening at home. I wish that I might always feel as peaceful and happy as this night. Joe, Grandma and Grandpa beside me.

Late again before retiring but it seems that we can never talk and visit enough.

Tuesday December 27, 1892 Almont, Michigan

We went to Papa's for dinner and staid until nearly tea time when we went to call on Anna Goodrich. After tea we went to prayer-meeting.

Prof. Estabrook (Prof Estabrook was the pastor of the Congregational Church from 1892–1895, and the pastor who would perform Lottie and Joe's wedding.) is conducting a series of meetings at our church. They certainly are good but I have a little dislike for the excitement. I hope the good done now may be lasting.

Another night of late retiring but, it is still the same reason-Joe has many reasons to offer for our marrying soon. He thinks I am worrying over my work, I guess he is right.

Wednesday December 28, 1892 Almont, Michigan

Joe, Bissee A, (??) Wilber, (??) Maude and I took dinner at Uncle Alex's. (Charlotte McHardy Ferguson's brother, Lottie's great Uncle.)

Will (Will McHardy is Uncle Alex's son.) is home. We had a good visit and a very nice dinner.

Mabel came over immediately after tea. We went down town and Mr. Gibbon and all of us came back together. I received a picture of Linus Fowler. (??)

Joe and I had a little disagreement but I guess it was a good thing. Father, help me to control my temper better-that I may show forth a better disposition.

Thursday December 29, 1892 Almont, Michigan Alex Mair-23

The hired-girl went home last night so I had to hurry around a little. Mabel, Joe and I went together to Gertrude Harris' wedding. Mr. Radcliff certainly hasn't a very strong bride.

Friday December 30, 1892 Almont, Michigan J.M. Reid-26. What memories!

I had work to do and Joe took Louise home. We had a five o'clock dinner at Uncle Charlie's and afterwards attended a concert in the M.E. church by the Garieson company. I could imagine myself back at Normal Hall, with Joe as it was last winter. I retired early for a wonder.

Saturday December 31, 1892 Almont, Michigan

I was rather busy in the morning and didn't realize all day that it was the last of 1892. I was very tired at night but Joe and I attended prayer meeting, where I saw Brownie Kelly (??) and her mama also Alice Donaldson. (??)

Joe and I had a long talk together and didn't get to bed very early. Sometimes I cannot help but wish that we might be together all the time but not yet. God help us to be true to one another, and live as thou wouldst have us live!

The following was printed in the back of the diary on pages marked memoranda. These may have been books Lottie read or used for school.

“How Plants Grow” Prof Asa Gary M.D. Academy Mrs. Y?????? First Book of Botany Journal of Ed. Brooks Philosophy of Auth School Master “How to Get Strong” Blaker Teacher's Echo Moderator Ladies' World 24 Park Place, New York

The following may be a list of Christmas presents Lottie presented to members of her family on 25 December 1892.

Mother (Margarete Cochran, Lottie's step mother.) 2 white tray cloths.


Aunt Liz-robe basket

Grandma-Yellow Tray cloth

Aunt Jen-round doilies

Aunt Mi-

Irene-button hook



Mabel-y. photo holder



Mary-crochet mat



The following is a list made on the same page as the former list. This is most likely an inventory of all the gifts she had to give.

Crochet mat

Yellow photo holder

Yellow tray cloth

2 white tray cloths

two maple leaf doilies.

robe basket

round yellow doilies

case for Joe

button hook

The following is a list of incoming money she acquired.

Sept 21 Rec'd $30 Oct 19 Rec'd $30

Listed below are Lottie's recorded expenses for the year.

January Item Cost 3 postage .02 5 postage .04

beads mended .10 9 postage .10 10 collection .06 13 rubbers .50 heal protectors .15 stationery .35 14 hosiery 1.75 lyceum .05 C.E. .50 17 collection .02 18 postage .10 19 yarn .45 24 col (collection) .02 28 stationery .80 perfume .40 twist .05 lyceum .10 guild .10 29 low shoes 1.75 to Ypsi 2.88 drays hack .75 paper .02 blue dress from Father 25.00 30 tuition 5.00 hair pins .20 lab fee 1.50 book fee 3.00 pens pencils .15 lecture course .50 February Item Cost 3 postage .02 4 tablet .10 5 record book .25 postage .10 Our Times .25 6 board 1.85 rooms .75 8 wood .50 gaiters 1.25 11 postage .10 12 washing .34 oil .05 13 board 1.90 rooms .75 15 S.C.A .25 16 postage .02 19 postage .02 20 rooms .75 board 1.85 oil .10 23 from Father 20.00 25 book gym .75 24 tablet .10 wood .50 washing .30
12.83 board 1.85 room rent .75 dates .10 yarn .10
14.00 March Item Cost 4 staw?? .25
tablet .10
ink .10 5 board 1.85
rooms .75
oil .05
tablets .10 6 col .05 12 s?ap .25 12 tablets .25
dates .10
board 1.80
rooms .75
washing .30 17 paper .20
wood .50
postage .58
board 1.95
col .01 25 washing .30 26 board 2.00
rooms (2) 1.50
hair dresser .35
oil .05
col .05 31 from Father 10.00

milk .05

13.91 April Item Cost 2 board 2.05 doctor .50 medicine .45 dropper .05 washing .23 chimneys .13 matches .05 ??????? .05 rooms 1.50 board 1.70 9 R.R. fare 4.40 dray .25 10 col. .02 8yd br cloth 2.00 5 skirt lining braid .08 thread .15 10yds ging 1.25 2 twist .05 thread .10 2yd farmers satin 2.00 shoes 3.00 hdkfs .60 skirts .60 hose .50 18 R.R. fare .60 20 postage .10 Henry for morter board, etc 2.00 21 oil .05 gray dress gray hat 3.04 black lace hat 1.40 17 col .05 from Father 20.00 21 postage .10 dates .10 marshmallows .08 ink .10 23 board 1.25 rooms 1.00 cards .10 stationery .85 medicine

28 postage .24

towel .25 30 board 1.90 rooms .50 silkoline .06 ribbon .02 embroidery .07
13.86 May ITEM COST 1 On hand 12.46 col .03 4 dep for photo 1.00 macaroons .20 7 R.R. fare .75 silk .47 gloves 1.75 flowers .25 macaroons .10 street car .05 board 1.90 8 col .03 washing .50 7 coat 10.00 10 Sr dues .50 9 room rent 2.00 11 post .03 14 oil .05 Normal News .25 board 1.95 pens .05 book .25 envelopes .10 stamps .10 15 col .03 21 oil .05 from Father 25.00 on hand 25.15 postage .20 ???? & sugar .13 board 1.85 rooms .75 laundry .25 ????? flower .15 postage .26 col .06 26 photo 4.50 28 washing .45 lent Carrie 1.00 A.A.Y .30 29 col .01 30 curling iron .15 hair pins .16 soda .05 board 1.90 rooms 1.50 on hand 11.48 club picture .75
35.81 June ITEM COST on hand 10.73 3 evel .55 to Carrie 5.25 washing .18 board 1.95 Carrie returned paper .25 to Joe .05 on hand 8.50 11 board 1.95 rooms .75 grad dress

13 mitts .25

tie .25 soda .05 15 oil .05 diploma fee 2.00 soda .10 book fee return spelling 3.05 16 cards .10 stamp .20 invitations 2.60
16.52 18 board 1.95 17 bread .05 jam .05 18 room rent 1.00 20 washing .16 21 recd from papa 15.00 soda .05 dray .20 R.R. 1.80 to Romeo .35 to Almont .66 banquet 1.50 express 1.00 class pic 1.00 photo 1.00 bread .10 braid .08 board 2.00 class .25 col .02 Lakeville .35 3 col .02 2 Romeo hostler .15
30.06 July ITEM COST 2 hostler .15 3 col .02 8 Imlay hostler .25 10 col .04 12 postage .10 silk & ribbon .40 brass rings .08 dinner Detroit .20 stationery .35 17 col .07 18 stamps .10 cloth .50 24 col .15 26 stamps .20 28 Guild .10 thread .05
2.76 August ITEM COST envelopes .10 5 10yds cloth 1.10 2 embroidery .25 JFF tread .05 buttons .14 7 col .01 9 postage .05 12 R.R.C.?.? .48 M.C. .30 15 postage .02 16 tread .05 dress stays .15 17 dress maker 3.00 21 col .06 22 postage .02 23 ribbon-lace .38 postage .04 hostler .25 elastic

18 ice cream .20 25 candy .15

stationery .65 26 brass rings .04 postage .30
7.79 28 col .02 27 beads mended .15 31 pens .05 pencil .05 postage .07
8.13 Sept ITEM COST 3 postage .10 4 col .16 from Father 5.00 5 cret??? .18 towling .22 6 ink .05 7 oxalic acid .10 pe??? tablets .02 10 Mrs Messer board 3.00 12 indian clubs .40 11 col .06 14 postage .10 18 col .15 19 postage .02 20 postage .06 21 hairpins .20 paper .01 23 rubbers .50 peanuts .05
5.02 20 from school 30.00 in bank 15.00 26 board to Oct 7.50 pitcher .30 doilies .28 silk .35 rings .05 postage .12
8.13 hose .50 gloves .40 postage .14 box-rent .10 dates .10 express .06 draw date .10
30.02 Oct ITEM COST 3 webbings elastic .23 4 hat 1.00 tablet .25 7 telephone .30 postage .10 Mrs McKoon .50 watch mended 1.00 9 col .02 10 envelopes .10 court plaster .05 crochet silk .35 16 col .13 paper postage .10 20 flags .04 doilies .10 ribbon .13 tread .15 gone .02
4.57 from father 25.00
29.57 on hand .43 20 from school 30.00 board to 21st 8.50 shoes 2.50 hdkfs .70 bread .08 beef .18 15 envelopes .10 26 Y.P.S.C 1.00 paper .10 in bank 10.00 livery .40 dates .05 postage .10
28.18 Nov ITEM COST 3 yarn & ribbon .48 postal cards .05 4 postage .02 telephone .30 waist 1.00 elastic flannel .97 lights 2.00 emuilsion

6 col .01

express postage pictures 2.50 doilie .30 stamps .10 stamps .10
8.23 21 from school 30.00 board to 27th 13.50 paper .10 ????????? 5.35 Hopkins waist 1.13 E.T.C. book Mrs McKoon 1.00 green dress 4.00 gloves dyed cats & cotton .16 postage .10 staw?????? .25 col .02 postage .04


Dec ITEM COST 3 comb diary

4 col .02


5 frame 2.50

on hand 2.19 recd for E.T.C. .03 silk .35 tray cloth .30 tray cloth .45 rope .20 11 col .11 silk .01 board to Jan 11.00 dress & hat 13.19 tights 2.00 rubber .05 ribbon .51 col .02 institute fees .50 brass rings .05 postage .10 silk tread .10
31.74 rubbers .30 button hook


book for Robbie

This list was written on the back cover of the Diary:

January 28th

Mabel Taylor

Nellie Jenness

Lottie Ferguson

Will Seibert

Fred Morton

Robert Robertson

Temperance meeting of the High School Lyceum.