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William Lambie Diary, 1882

William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image William Lambie Diary, 1882 image
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January 1 John Campbell came saying his Mother was sick and Mrs. L went with him to take care of her.

January 2 Five of us drove to Robert Campbell's near Ann Arbor and the grandest and greatest party we ever attended in so fine a home-a fine beginning for 1882.

January 10 Went down with Elizabeth and Robert with the buggy in 4 or 5 inches of snow-bought goods at Thorntons.
Thorntons, Forsyth and McCornacks sore broken into.

January 11 Frank took the girls to their Schools in the Cutter.

January 15 Went in the Cutter on Icy Roads to Church-A. Martin wants money from us to build a parsonage-I did not like to be dunned on a Sabbath.

January 17 John Campbell and Mrs. L came for dinner and Mrs. L returning to care for her sick Mother who as lived long and well. Frank sold 16 live Roosters to Chidester for less than $4.00.

January 25 Mrs. L and John Campbell came and brought beef. Robert paid $5.00 for tuition.

January 26 Our good friend Wm. Cross who has worshipped with us for 40 years was buried.
Robert brought home Bell from School-Lizzie and her were vaccinated

January 30 Tom Sponser, Frank and I cleaned up two loads of wheat and Frank took it to Town.
Mabley sells 750 Overcoats for $1.00 each.

February 1 Roads frozen and good walking. Sold 205 bushels wheat at $1.30-$266.56-Heard Mrs. Wartz was married to Cooper-What a falling off.

February 2 David LeForge paid us a visit but his mind fails him.

February 8 Walked to town. Pattison thought it would take over $100.00 to print my book.

February 11 Mrs. L came to see us but returned again to care for her Mother-Mary unwell-we rode to town and she got Medicine from Dr. Fraser.

February 14 Drove to Town with 4 dozen eggs and brought home a pail of Oatmeal and picked up Elizabeth.

February 15 Robert and I went to the sale of farm stock of the late Robert Geddis-big crowd and met our old friend John Geddis and other friends-Did not buy any high priced animal with Pedigrees.

February 18 Paid J. Rensifer $8.10 for being Director half a term and repairing the School House.

February 20 Went and took dinner with Mother on her 86th Birthday-cheerful and happy in hopes of glorious immortality.

March 1 Girls went to Theodores-Peck came with a petition and talked loud.

March 6 Drove Bell up to her School-roads wet and muddy.

March 8 Have a cold and depressed-

March 10 Walked to Town and could do nothing with Woodruff with my papers-letter from Sister Isabell.

March 11 Robert's-19 years have rolled away, his first and 19th Birthdays much alike-cold and snow showers.

March 15 3 inches snow-boys looking over apples-Sold 8 bushels Apples to L. Davis for $1.10 bushel-Getting from one to three dozen eggs a day.

March 19 All went to Church but Frank-Met our old friend who said it his 81st Birthday.
Our neighbor John Campbell (who it he? (met with an awful accident-his horse ran away and he was thrown against a tree and so badly hurt he died very soon-His wife and daughter both had an arm broken.

March 20 Went over to Mr. Campbells and found Thomas Martin from Gran Rapids and Straven whom I had not seen in twenty years and did not know the old man-He stayed overnight with us and we talked of Auld Ling Syne.

March 21 Mary, Frank and I went to John R. Campbells funeral. He seemed to look as well in death as in life-Spring gales and snow squalls.

March 22 Cold North Wind-Wild Geese flying North-counted 28 Robins-the boys ringed (castrated?) the pigs and went to Uncle Williams.

March 24 Elizabeth and Bells School closed-Mary, Robert and Clare went to Elizabeth's School at night-brought back word Longfellow was dead.

March 27 Sold 11 bushels Apples for $11 to L. Davis-sold 9 1/2 dozen eggs for $1.33-John Campbell from Augusta told us of Aron Childs death.

March 28 Wife and I went on muddy roads to her Fathers. Mr. Campbell looks feeble-Four of us went to Aron Childs Funeral.

March 31 Robert and Jones drawing Manure-6 of us went at night to the Church for a supper and the Installation.

April 1 Robert drew Manure. The young people went to hear the Jubilee Singers and I stayed alone.

April 2 Grand day-A great turn out of people in the Church, and horses and rigs in the yard. Willie Campbell and Mary Bacon came-Lambs got in with the sheep.

April 3 Repaired fence and turned sheep out to pasture. Frank paid $50 and went to Town Meeting. Bell began her School in our District-Elizabeth in hers after weeks vacation.

April 7 Wet morning for the School teachers-Mary and I went to Uncle Williams and I on to Ann Arbor looking for Beal about printing my book-did not find him. Got wet coming home.

April 8 Marked the potato-ground and Robert planted. Paid Jones $3. Went to town in afternoon and got $50 out of the Bank-Called on Brother Robert and family. Mrs. L still with her sick Mother-Received 5 Scottish Americans with “April” lines by me on the front page.

April 10 Cold and bleak-Robert took the clothes to Mrs. Spoonser and then plowed with his gloves on-the first lambs.

April 11 Mary and I went to town-sold eggs and bought two Crot (?) Barley $4.50 and 1/2 bushel of clover and timothy seed-Mrs. Wm. Campbell, Girls and Miss Hitt came, stayed overnight-4 lambs.

April 12 Robert and I went to John Millers at noon. It was a house of lamentation, Mourning and Woe as heir young son Frank who used to work for us seemed to be near the gates of Death.

April 15 62nd Birthday-old age comes creeping on me. Elizabeth gave me glasses to read with and Bell gave me Burns Poems. Beautiful dawn. 6 of us went to Frank Millers burial-a young son taken.
Bought harness from Mr. Yost $34.

April 18 Robert and I sowed oats and barlety in the field North of the brook and oats in the new orchard-then April showers and 13 lambs.

April 21 Mrs. L. came and went back to Augusta-loaned $25 to John Miller.

April 21 Sowed clover sed and Robert rolled-Went to Augusta with the wee wagon and Mrs. L came back with me.
T. Spoonser got 4 bushels of wheat-5 of us went in the evening to the Scotch Social-I read two poems.

April 26 Mrs. L went back with John-Jones spreading Manure-Deer broke the fence-John Ross brought the clothes from Spoonser-weary and worn.

April 29 The boys bought 700 feet fence boards for $10. Mrs. L has so much to do for other families she could not come to see her own.

May 1 Intended to depart for old Scotland today but could not see the way clear-Paid Robert $10 for April-he took Frank to his work down the River. Mr. Spence offered $105 for 2 steers and a cow. Mary, Elizabeth and I ent to Campbells and hd a pleasant visit but sad seeing Mary fading away.

May 4 Earth clothed in green mantle of beauty.
Mr. Spance paid $15 on the steers and cow and next day paid $100.

May 6 Paid Robert $40 for his red steer. Paid Bell $25 I owed her The girls cleaned the Cellar-The boys went to Uncle Williams.
The two girls and I had a pleasant ride down the River.

May 9 Helped Robert mark for corn-bought Leghborn eggs-Robert went to the show in Town.

May 11 Robert Campbell came and told us Mary Campball was dead.

May 12 Mary, Elizabeth and I and Robert went through the rain storm to Mary Campbells funeral—a fine young Christian Woman.

May 17 Much harrowing and planting-rain and cold-Mary and I took 19 dozen eggs to town-Robert and Jones planted corn-T. Spoonser worked making a board fence. Fruit trees in unearthly beauty-radiant and fragrant bloom.

May 19 Robert plowed for beans. I pulled red rost (a weed) out of the Wheat-Cut the lambs tails-15 Ewes and 15 Rams.
Mary, Elizabeth, Bell and I had a pleasant ride under the blooming trees and Bob-O-Links to the Free Church and Cherry Hill to celebrate Mary's Birthday as we could not go on Monday the 22nd.

May 22 Mary and I went to Ben Voorhees (he brought us honey last week) went over his farm and got white seed corn

May 24 Let the horses and cows out to pasture.

May 25 Went to Detroit and to visit Sister Isabell at the Oak-Sister and I had a grand ride under the blooms to hr daughters, Mrs. Donaldson in Troy and then to Mrs._____in Birmingham.

May 26 Left sister Isabell at Birmingham for Detroit and went over the River and stayed over night with Mother in Windsor.

May 27 An all day rain-Mother, Mary, Catherine and I had a pleasant visit and Mother seems on the borders of Buls-left about 4 in the pouring rain-Brother Frank came to the Ferry with an umbrella to protect me and I got home in the storm in good trim.

May 29 Robert took Frank away-I thought he might have helped about washing and shearing the Sheep but did not want to contend with him. Robert went to Wm. Campbells for the big riding cultivator I howed the strawberries.

May 30 The girls went to see them decorate the Soldiers graves-T. Spoonser and two boys helped us to wash and shear the sheep.

May 31 T. Spoonser and Robert finished the board fence. Heavy showers.

June 1 Went to Pioneer meeting to Broter Roberts for dinner. Read Ypsilanti on he Huron'at the meeting.

June 3 A wet morning-had B Leghorn chicks and something destroyed them-Mrs. L still back and forth to Augusta

June 7 Robert with the team and wagon worked on the road. Sold 6 bushels of Oats 3 of potatoes for $1.50, 9 dozen eggs for $1.44 from L. Davis.

June 8 My Cousin William Lambie has charge of the Cattle Show in Native Straven today and I intended to be there-My Soul sang to be in my Native Land but hardly feel brave enough and strong enough to go so far from home alone. But do not give up Hope. Some great door may open for me.

June 12 Robert and Spoonser planted beans. Mr. Campbell and Mrs. L came-Mr. C and I went up to Barnes where Frank was shearing sheep-Mrs. L went back to Augusta.

June 13 Mary and I went to Augusta for her Mother. Old Mr. Campbell rolling at four score-John harrowing-Nathan drilling in beans.
Work seems to be the chief end of man.

June 14 frank, T. Spoonser, E. Brown shore the sheep-83 and Robert tied up the wool———paid them $2.25 per day-

June 16 Mrs. L back to Augusta-Robert cultivated the grassy cornfield—I replanted some in the lower field-84 in the shade.

June 18 A Minister from Boston brought 20 children for people to adopt in their families-(The Orphan Train?) Met Julia Bacon and she looked well after being 10 years far away teaching the heathens in India.

June 20 Robert went to the Union School to sing-Mary, Elizabeth and I went to hear Mr. Foots class sing in the evening.

June 21 Got the horses shod and the carriage tires set. Robert took Elizabeth and green boughs to her School.

June 23 Mary and Elizabeth went to a school Picnic in Saxons Woods-Rain at night.

June 24 Frank up at 4 to go and shear Sheep.

June 26 John Campbell, Mrs. L and Mr. & Mrs. Jennings came, Brought home and her trunk.

Jne 28 Mrs. L, Anna, Mary, Elizabeth and I went to the Exercises of the Normal School.

June 30 Mrs. L's Birthday-Wet morning-all at home. Boys cleaned out the cistern. Guiteau hanged.

July 1, A heavy shower last night-jones mowed in the Grovs. Went to Jon Millers and down town.

July 2 5 went to Church in the first buggy and 2 in the second. William Campbell came.

July 3 Wife and I went to Detroit and had dinner with Mother and called on Frank, James and Mrs. Inglis-pleasant visit but we had to walk home in dampness, darkness, rain and mud.

July 4 Wife went to town for Carpet-Met A. Campbell and talked an hour on the Bridge-Guns and firecrackers all around.

July 5 Robert cultivated beans and Jones corn.

July 6 Killed a wee sheep-ground the mowing knives and Robert mowed part of the South field-some new furniture-Looks like a good hay day-raked in afternoon.

July 8 Too wet to work in the Hay, Anna, Mary, Elizabeth, Kate Inglis, Miss Williams and I went to Brother Robert's for dinner. Monroe Woosey paid $330 for use of 10 sheep for one year.

July 9 Grand day-two parties went to Church-Aggie Inglis came with us at noon.

July 10 More rain-too wet for haying-putting tools in order-put the wool in the granary the weather cleared up finely and we raked and Frank and Robert got in two loads.

July 11 Robert, Jones and I got in all the Hay from the South field-took Frank to Augusta at dawn-Aunt Eunice and daughter came in a hack. Girls picniced by the River

July 12 Robert finished mowing the heavy grass and began to cultivate the corn, Jones hoeing new potatoes and cherries.

July 13 Showery and could not work in the hay, still working in the corn field-Miss Williams went away. Elizabeth, Mary and Kate Inglis went to Uncle Williams.

July 14 Robert mowed and raked the Meadow and we got it all in cacks and 4 loads in the barn-a famous crop-The girls took Kate and Aggie to the Depot.

July 15 A glorious morning-Robert, Jones and I worked hard all day and got in all the meadow hay, a good crop in good order.

July 16 A grand day-very weary-Another thunderstorm. Went to town to get a barrel of salt.

July 18 Cultivated and hed beans, a shower at noon, raked hay.

July 19 Was unwell last night-Robert cultivated beans.

July 20 Robert bound Wheat for G. Miller and I cradled some-Ezra Fletcher came for Mrs. L and Elizabeth to see his Mother and sick sister-Frank binding for Harry and Cidester.

July 22 Jerome came with self riding rake-had John, Ross, Harry, T. Spoonser, Dan and Frank binding. Will Spoonser and I set up shes

July 24 Robert, Bell and I drew in all day till I was sick and weary.

July 26 Got in all the wheat-raked barley and Frank and Will Spoonser helping.

July 27 The boys drew in the Barley.
Sold 12 dozen eggs at the 18¢ dozen and bought goods. Exchanged 4 bushels of whea for roller ground flour-Eunice came up with us her father's gone East. Paid Robert $10.

July 30 Mrs. L, Robert and I went to Church-taught a class-William Campbell came.

August 1 Lucken bought a sheep $3.50-Spoonser got 10 Sheep.

August 5 Shower and some heavy rain-Robert plowed some in South field.

August 7 Went with Frank to William Campbells and sorry to see so many fields of heavy cut wheat sprouting and rotting in the rain-a great loss.

August 11 Fox cradled some oats-Robert and I bound them and got in two loads.

August 14 Robert and D. Fox cut all the oats. Frank paid $18 deducting what he owes to $80.-Millspaugh helped bind oats.

August 16 Robert, Lutey, Gray and I bound and drew in Oats.
Mr. & Mrs. Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. McCorkel and a number of young people came.

August 18 Tremendous shower prevented getting oats in. The Harpers declined to publishe my book but request some lines which I sent them-Mrs. L. came back with canned peaches-got in all the oats-some in water.

August 21 Robert went to help J. Miller-Frank to Augusta-help is scarce.

August 22 Mrs. L, Mary, Eliza and I went on Episocopal excursion on the boat-did not get to st. Clair-our friend did not meet us-Mary felt sick-We saw great bands of Soldiers and some kind of chaps called Pithests-Music and Marshal pomp-got home to our Depot and walked home-weary.

Augst 24 Misty morning-Robert and Mr. Gray's boys going to Whitmor Lake-Bell, Anna, Eunice went to William Campbells-Mary and Elizabeth came back from Detroit. Brother Robert back from New York.

August 26 Went to see Brother Robert and he told of a magnificent sail up the lordly Hudson-trned the sheep in the wheat stubble. Mrs. L sat for her photograph-

August 28 Frank and I drove around by Knapps to see about Thrashing. Robert returned from Whitmore Lake. Drew out manure-Frank paid $35.

August 30 Anna went to Detroit-Robert harrowed-Girls cleaned the kitchen.

September 1-Summer sweet good bye-Frank, Robert and I drew out all the manure-Spoonser and Robert's boys pulled beans.

September 3 Frank took Bell to the Lake School-only 33cents for wood-Drove the white cow to Nortons. Frank and I attended School Meeting-Reelected Assessor.

September 5 Bell and Elizabeth began their Schools. Mr. Campbell came.

September 6 Mrs. L and I went to R & W Campbells and then to Ann Arbor and Pioneer meeting-to much contention-I read a few lines. Paid Spoonser boy $7 for pulling beans-he thought it not enough-very weary.

September 9 Went with Frank to Twists and Anna to the Depot and she left for Elkhart-Gave Bell Fletcher note-$105.00 with interest $80 for teaching and $25 I borrowed.

September 10 Six want to Church-Mr. Reed wanted money to build a Church at Milan.

September 11 Went with Frank to Twists and Bell to Lake School. Cars run from Detroit to Toronto and back for $3. but she did not feel able to go.
Robert got a pulverisor from A. Fletcher.
The two Marys went to William Campbells.

September 14 Robert got H. James drill and drilled wheat-I cleaned 18 bushels for seed-Mrs. J. Campbell came and offered Mary good pay to teach School. Mary and Sarah went to meet Bell.

September 16 Robert returned James Drill and got one from John Miller-Bell and Iwent to town and saw Justins Balloon sailing in the sky from Ann Arbor-borrowed $20 from Bell-gave one to Milan Church.

September 18 Went with Frank to Twists and with Bell to Lake School and came back by way of Dixboro-very dry.

September 20 Mrs. L and I went to William CAmpbells adn gathered peaches-Rain at last.

September 23 Six of us went to see Willie Campbell's bride-a very pleasant affair-came home by moonlight.

September 26 Met Mrs. Inglis and Margaret at the Depot and Brother Robert and his wife came with us to dinner and then we drove and brought up Eliza-Pleasant time. Jones cut corn-Robert to help Spoonser and Martin thrash.

September 28 Mary, Margaret Inglis, Elizabeth, Frank, Robert and I went to the Fair-Well balanced people-A man from Saline wanted me to give a Lecture on Temperance.

September 30 Mrs. Inglis, Margaret, wife and I rode by the old Moon farm-our first home in America.

October 4 Robert and I got 12 Apple barrells from Childester-Soldl 15 Wedders to Nannery for $3 each-he paid $5 down.

October 5 Wife and I went to Mr. Campbells and then to the Cheas Factory. Came home and built hay stack in the lower meadow.

October 6 Fuller and two colored men cut all the corn-Paid Fulle $9.

Octobe 9 Got 36 Apple barrells from Chidester-Nannery paid the $40 balance for the Wedders.

October 10 Got 11 barrells from Haskel-Mr. & Mrs. A. Campbell came. R paid $33 interest on his note.

October 13 Picked apples with Robert, J. Pearl and Hardy but no FRak to help pick them.

October 14 Saw the great Comet in the morning sky-Buggy tipped over by the Barn door.

October 17 Robert and FRank drew 45 barrells of Apples for Chidester-Fox husked and helped Harry to thrash.

October 19 Robert and I took 8 Barrells to Deppot-2 for Brother Frank, one for Anna the othrs for Sister Agnes.

October 21 Paid Fox $5 for husking 105 bushels corn. Robert went to Ann ARbor last night to hear some great fiddler-Paid Pearl. $5.75, Hardy $5. G. Voohees got 21 bushels apples $5.25.
Cows in the corn again-

October 26 Six of the famous 9(his brothrs and sisters) dined with Brother Robert on his Sixtieth Birthday. Meeting old friends-Brother Frank, James and I read verses-found 10 in gold under each plate and presented with gold spectacles-a kindness never expected nor thought to wear such grandeur on my nose. Sister Isabell came home with us. (The six: William, Agnes, Isabell, Frank, James and Robert the Host.

October 31 Cook got 46 bushels Cider Apples-Wife and I went to visit Father Campbell on his 81st Birthday-found them well and diligent in continued patience in well doing.

November 1 Left our old friends and returned by noon-the boys load of pumpkins and corn-gathered 5 barrells mor of Baldwin

Novmber 2 Saw the Comet-Not quite so full as at first-Paid Fox for husking 140 bushels $7.-Paid Hardy $3-Paid Robert $5-Cook paid $28 for 240 bushels Cider Apples-Pattison has 3 Lambie Poems in the Commercial.

November 6 Finish 3 weeks of apple picking-

November 9 Frank went for his tool chest-Pattison sent 6 papers about the Birthday Party.

November 11 Heard of the death of our good friend J.W. Childs-Buried today but roads so muddy I could not go.

November 12 When coming home from Church, George and John McDougal told us of their Father's death.

November 13 Wife and I went to Cherry Hill where our old friend was buried.

November 15 The boys laid a plank floor in the stable-sold 10 bushel apples to W. Robins for $4.50.

November 16 The Anniversary of our Wedding 33 years ago. I think there were no presents or congratulations-Perhaps we didn't deserve them-Mrs. L came but had to return to care for her sick Mother.

November 20 Went with Bell to the Crippen School-Benjamin Thompson my old friend was buried-I went to the Covells to see the Thrashers and Robert and got 800 1bs coal-took the wool 83 fleeces to the wood shed.

November 21 The Thrashers came steaming up the lane at Noon-began after dinner to thrash and kept at it until dark-had good help. Paid G. Voohees $81.60 School Mondy for new seats and wood.

November 22 Thrashers finished-everthing went well-159 Bushels Wheat 57 Barley-87 Oats-Paid Jerone $7.20. Kept back one for the old seats at School House.
Paid D. Miller $1.50 for road work-& 7.50 for thrashers.

November 24 Bought a Ram from H. James for $4-Put him with the Ewes. Brought home swarm of Bees from my good friend D. Voohees.

November 27 Took Bell to the Crippen School.

November 30 Thanksgiving-Mary, Elizabeth and I went to the Union Service in the Methodist Church.

December 1 Robert and I went to Detroit and Windsor and enjoyed a heart warming visit with Mother and the Sisters. Called on James and his wife, Agnes and her family and Brother Frank and found them all well.

December 3 Truman Goodspeed died suddenly.

December 5 Had to run to catch the Ann Arbor Train-left my paper with Beal-Got home in time for dinner.

December 6 Saw the transit of Venus about 10-the clouds cleared away at Noon and we all saw it about the size of a marble pass along the lower part of the sun.

December 11 Robert took Bell to Crippen School in the Cutter.

December 12 Wrote a letter to my old School mate John Fleming in Africa. Bought a pair of boots from John Boice for $3.75.

December 13 Anna's Birthday-Mild snow showers. Mary, Elizabeth and Robert went to the Mission Festival at night.

December 14 The boys started before daybreak to a fire at Barnums at the Depot-We got the tumble down surry in running order-The boys bought a lap robe. Mary went with me to feed the 30 lambs.

December 15 Tom Spoonser, Frank and Robert killed three squealing pigs.

December 16 George Wilbur paid Frank the School money $221.90. Mrs. L came to dinner and then went back to stay with her sick Mother
Settled accounts with Frank-Robert took Bell to her School in the Cutter. Sharp morning and below zero.

December 19 Sent a letter to Beal in Ann Arbor-a hundred and ten for 400 is most too great a risk on my long talked about Book. We have two cutters and I was old before I had one-Many a day we rode in a 3 dollar sleigh and lived frugile.

December 21 Robert and I went in a Cutter that was too expensive for me to ride in and saw the men boring 600 feet down in the Rock for oil, slat or anything valuable-there was water that tasted of salt and sulphur, but I judge some one will loose by the trail-

December 23 Was invited to a Christmas Tree by Mrs. McAndrew. Received a Christmas box from Agnes and there was shouting and glee as we opened it.

December 25 14 years since Father spoke to me the last time, about two hours before he died.
We all went except Bell to a great Christmas feast and a heart-warming time at Andrew Campbells.

Decmber 27 The young folks went to see Grandfather and Grandmother CAmpbell-I fed the stock, sawed some wood and had a headache.

December 31 Another year ended going down the strange stream of time.

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