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William Lambie Diary, 1889

William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image William Lambie Diary, 1889 image
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From the Diary of William lambie. Mr. Lambie was the Grandfather of Foster L. Fletcher.

1. A grand winter morning-Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher and Willie, Frank, Belle, Mrs. L and I went to the Depot to bid Anna goodbye as she left for Elkhart.
Frank, Leah, Robert, Hattie, the two Marys and I went to Azros for dinner-a fine party of friends to rejoice in the good things of this present life.
2. Belle came home faint and weary, with cruelty and oppression to a good home to receive kindness for cruelty.
4. Mrs. L, Belle and I went up and told the Scotney Family Belle would not be a slave to them anymore the way they used her seemed to me to be slow murder. Robert went with two wagons and brought home her furniture. I think it will do more good to Belle than all the medicine in Ypsilanti.
5. Mild day, damp and misty. Mrs. L over at Azros. Went to Town in the rain. Robert gave me paper to read and was glad we got Belle out of the house of bondage.
6. Elizabeth's Birthday. Damp and misty today again. A Sermon on prayer, Short dark day.
7. Dark morning. Belle got her ten sheep and the Wagon back to Roberts. Mrs. L went Azro. Robert told us of Stephen Voorhee's death.
8. William Campbell came, Mary and I went to Town, roads very muddy. Talked with William and A Campbell regarding family affairs.
9. Dark wet morning. Frank went to the Insurance meeting. Robert and I went to Stephen Voorhees funeral, rain, snow, mud and roaring blasts.
10 High Winds in the night-Houses and the bridge over Niagara blown down.
11 Paid May Dashner $28 for teaching-mild day-eggs down to 16¢.
12 Bohn Campbell and Anna came. John Miller's farm advertised to be sold under mortage in the Sentinel.
14 Dark morning, Wife and I called on Mrs. Casey and then drove down to Roberts. Mary took Belle over to Azros.
15 Twenty above zero. Willie came walking past the window. Mrs. F and Belle met wife and went to Town.
A dark man taking too much of Robert's wood.
16. Wet in forenoon, dark and damp and a stormy night.
17. Some blue sky and cool breezes-went with Robert to the old home. Mrs. L, Mary and Willie went to Mrs. Stephensens.
18. Went to the old home with Robert and sayy him chopping the Willows I planted many years ago.
19. Sent three dollars to pay for the Scottish American. Chilly day.
20. Th two Marys and I went to Church and back in a snowstorm.
21. More snow. Dipped this pen in water. Mrs. L went with Azro, Elizabe and Willis. The coldest morning this winter 4 above zero.
Beautiful sunshine on a pure white world.
23. Fine morning-Mrs. L and Willie arrived before breakfast. Read of the death of Lieutenent Gov. McDaniles and others on the railroa Mrs. L went to Uncle Williams. Received a good letter from Mrs. Brown in Glasgow. Brother Robert called-was very kindly.
25. Robert and I walked in the old woods. Burn's Birthday. Light frost and sunshine. Paid Mr. Woodruff one dollar for the Sentinel. Belle went to Ann Arbor.
27. Went to Church in a snowstorm, The two Marys, Mrs. F and Willie and I came home in a kind of blizzard. A Chicago Minister preached
28. Tramping among the pure snow, feeding the horse and hens. 14 above zero, cloudy and damp. Mary went with Uncle William.
30. The white cow gives no milk. Azro and Robert getting ice.
31. Mild above freezing-Went with Frank to Fletchers after breakfast. Mrs. L and I went to the old home. Hattie was alone and we brought up Leah till her mother came home.

1. Up early to feed Azro's horses-Mild, dull and cloudy. Frank working for E. Fletcher.
2. Up early again to feed Azro's horses. Robert helping Azro to get ice, we went to Town.
3. At Church-The steeple is off the Church.
4. Mrs. L and I went to Luises Childs funeral.
Paid William Scotney $22.75 for wood for the School.
5. Rain in the night and bitter blasts in the morning-8 above zero.
Mary went down to Roberts. Carried the clothes to Rings. Azro Came
6. Coldest yet-10 below zero at sunrise. Robert helping Azro cut ice on his pond.
Brother Robert brought me some newspapers.
15. Wife and I went to Town and the Chicken Show in the Moormen Block— Plenty of crowing and big fowls in variety.
20. The most snow this winter-Mothers 92nd birthday. Went to see her. The Detroit River full of floating ice. The Boat went through it. CAlled on Brother James. He seems to prosper. Found Mother confine to her bed with her mind unclouded, A grand pleasant time with her and sisters Mary and Catherine.
22. Mr & Mrs, William Campbell and Sarah came. Went to William Watling funeral.
26. Got a letter from Mc. McConachie. Jones, the old colored man who worked for us so long was buried yesterday.
Elder Thompson who came to see us in 1839 with Elder Post was buriet today.
Got 12 photos of Wife and I for $2. from Cooper.
27. Willie prevailed on Mrs. L to go home with him. Robert sold a load of wheat to Deuble from the old farm for 97 cents per bushel. He only got 93 cents on account of so much Rye in it.

1. The Catholics built a Cross on the Vault across the way. Reed brought a load of coal.
2. Robert paid $35 for the wheat that grew on the old farm and for what grew here.
Had a pleasant visit with Brother Robert and talked about buying a home for Mother and Sisters. Wrote to Brother Frank about the plan.
4. Went to the old home and found Robert had gone. Went to see Knapp.
5. Mrs. L stayed over night with Hattie and sent for Dr. Pattison in the morning and there was a babe born when Robert was away.
6. Robert came back in the morning. Mrs. L and I went to see the Babe.
7. Did not sleep well on account of Robert being so discontented and so easily deceived by worthless advertisements.
Counted the hens and there are about 96.
8. Wife and I went to Detroit with a note of over $1,000.00. Brother Frank in Detroit owed Brother Robert hoping he would pay it and grant us the pleasure of buying a home for Sisters Mary and Catherine for taking care of Mother in her old age. We did not succeed but had a pleasant friendly meeting and a good promise. Next we had a mutual admiration meeting with Sister Agnes and daughters.
13. Wife and I went to Roberts and had a grand walk in the woods that have waved over us so long ago. Gane's(?) house burned while he was working for Robert.
Bought a bushel of Timothy seed from Ainsworth.
25. Mrs. L went with Azro. Got 49 aggs. Robert and I drew manure fromhhis barn and put it on the garden.
Brother Robert urged me to write Brother Frank to pay the $1,000. note. Got seed from Moule.
28. Bleak blasts and clouds of dust as three teams scraped the Catholi gounds. Went to the old home and was sorry some cows broke the seeder.
29. A driving snow storm-Glad of any moisture after so much dust. John Bright is dead.
31. Snow on the ground, cold wet splashing mud when we went to Church. The Minister at the closing of the Service thought it his duty to resign.

1. More snow, Wild Geese flying toward Caseys. Frank and Robert want to vote in Town. 51 eggs.
4. Went to Detroit and Windsor. Mother failng but her and our sist rejoiced to learn of Robert kindness in providing money to buy the house they like in ‘for a home.
5. John Millar farm sold under Mortgage. William Scotney took away Belle and her furniture and I am sad and weary. Silence is the language of sorrow.
Sowed Peas, Cabbage and radish.
10. Went with Frank where he frames a barn for Seamor.
11. Sowed beets and onion seed-Helped Robert to burn Willows. Azro brought 2 bushels of Burbank Potatoes and 1 of Maine.
15. My Birthday. 18 years in Scotland and 50 in America. The 18 in Scotland seems like the greater part of my life. We learn what life is the first 20 years and then one year year is like a repetition of the ones that are past.
16. Got a letter from Cousins in Scotland. Walked with Robert over the old farm.
17. Helped Robert get 3 loads of stove wood. Planted potatoes-Like a summer day.
24. Will Evans sowing plaster. Thompson charged me $6.00 for plaster Ressler got 24 dozen eggs fro $2.90. Robert took away the white cow that broke the fences and bothered me so much. Robert rolled the field by the road with LEah beside him.
26. Brother Robert siad he had been in Detroit and bought Mother's home for her and sisters. Said he paid $9,250.00 to Mrs. Fergus for the home.
30. Great meetings in all the States to celebrate Washington's Inauguration 100 years ago. Willie Fletcher's Birthday.

6. Hens break the eggs and leave the nest. Chicken lice very bad. Sold 28 dozen eggs to Wreshler(?) $3.08.
9. Frank gave checks for $150.00. The boys carried out the coal stove. Drove with Frank to Warners and then to Albans for 4 bushels of seed corn.
11. The City of Paris sailed the Atlantic in less than 6 days. At last a welcome shower.
19. Mr. Sill preached at Church.
Azro's horse ran away, Elizabeth fell out of the Buggy but escapee being hurt. Mrs. L and I took dinner with H. Taylor-he was quiet and dejected.
22. Mary's Birthday. Mary, Hattie, Leah and the Babe went to Town but it was too cold for me even with two coats.
25. Robert and Azro built a pen to wash the sheep at Martins corner. Cold-4 above freezing. Too cold to wash sheep.

1. The two Marys and I went to a Church meeting. Heard sad news about a great flood in Pennsylvania.
5. Mrs. L and I drove to Pittsfield and spent a happy day with the Andrew Campbells to make life a little better.
10. Fifty years since we came to Ypsilanti. James and I went to Royal Oak to celebrate the event-was with Mother an hour after. A fine visit with Mr. & Mrs. Todd. Called on Mr. & Mrs. John Lambie. Robert washed his sheep.
22. VanNotten and Fox shore the sheep-the wool looked well.
24. The two Marys went to the Children's Day at the Normal. Mrs. L called on old Mrs. Casey in what seemed like the last illness.
25. Got lime insect powder and sulphur to fight the vile hen lice. Some peas ready to eat.
27. Robert and Will repaired the chain pump-Norton told us of old Mrs. Caseys death.
Frank and Fox brought up Anna's trunk-Whittetsay would only pay 27 for the wool.
29. Robert and family, Wife and I went to old Mrs. Casey's funeral. The old neighbors passing away bringing us near to the silent land

1. Robert, Will and I put Paris Green on the potatoes. Went to Town to get Anna but she did not come. Green Peas for dinner. The Robins picking our cherries.
5. Helped Robert make hay where I raked in the Hayday of my life. Murry and Chidester looked at the wool but would not give quite 30 cents.
7. Heard of the good Mrs. Green's death and next day Mrs. L and I went to the funeral.
Anna arrived at the Depot last night after waiting all week for her.
10. Robert and Will got the reaper in order. Went with Robert to Mr. Conklins to see about reaping, found the old farmer over three score pitching hay.
11. Robert reaped about 14 acres of wheat for Wenzer.
13. Robert reaped the 8 acre field by Nortons corner in 4 or 5 hours where it took me 3 or 4 days to cradle and bind in my younger days
15. Robert reaping for Mr. Conklin-Will Cradling around the stumps. Girls and Willie picking cherries.
17. Frank and I went to see the new Water Works yesterday.
Robert reaped the field by George Allens and part of the field west of the barn.
20. Helped mow away wheat in the old barn and was so faint and weary I could hardly walk home.
22. A great Catholic funeral across the way.
Set up some Wheat. Robert harvesting for G. Voorhees. Hattie picked up cherries and the Babe laughed and rolled on the floor.
25. The boys sold the wool to Chister 278 lbs-46 fleeces at 28¢ per lb-$77.84-Paid Robert $28.00 on the Wool. Got in 3 small loads of hay from the Orchard. Paid VanAtten $2.50 for Mowing. Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and Mary visiting at Roberts.
27. Wife had to get dinner for Anna and Hattie's Mother. Robert brought back one of his black horses. Wrote lines about Harvest.

1. Celebrated the colored man's day by mowing thistles and nettles on the road side. Robert reaped at B. Voorhees.
2. MR. & Mrs. Fletcher, Azro's father, Anna and I went to Detroit and had a fine sail on Lake St. Clair and spent pleasant afternoor with Mother and sisters.
7. Robert reaped for Mr. Conklin and got back at night and began his own.
12. Cleaned out the hen house. Will drew out manure.
Had boiled corn for dinner.
14. Mrs. L and I went with an Excursion to Detroit and on the boat to the Ship Canal at Lake St. Clair. Called on Mother and wife sang the grand Hynm ‘Jesus is Mine’ to Mother and it seemed to thrill her with pleasure.
19. Mrs. L and I went to Uncle Williams and then had dinner at Robert CAmpbells, Ann Arbor. A pleasant evening and just in time to bid goodbye to Walter and Lizzie as they were leaving for New England.
22. Will plowed for Wheat-spread some manure. Mr. & Mrs. Cowell called, telling of seeing London, Paris and calling on the Hamiltons of Glasgow.
23. Mrs. Loveridge gave Mrs. L and I a ride in her carriage to Brother Roberts and round by the Normal. The girls went to Azros for supper and got ice cream–said to be “awful good”.
29. Bought two plow points for Robert. Anna packing up her goods.
30. Belle and I went to the Depot with Anna. Got her trunk checked and saw her off. Brother Robert and I drove to the old farm to see about the horse pasture.

2. Went to the School meeting and resigned keeping the School money after being in office since 1870. Mr. LaFurge takes my place.
4. Mrs. L and I went to Pioneer meeting in Ann Arbor. Mr. Lay read of the death of 85 Pioneers during the last year-The election of Officers was over before noon but no dinner until 2 o'clock.
Mr. Finley, Mrs. Pearce and Captain Allen spoke well about early times. CAlled on Uncle William and Robert Campbell on our way home.
7. Robert sold all his beans to Ainsworth. Mary went to Azros to keep feeding the Thrashers.
9. State Fair at Lansing, Brought Brother Robert's horse and put him in son Robert's pasture.
16. Dug potatoes and put them in the cellar. Went to Church Meeting where they decided to give a call to Mr. Morey of Marshall.
Harvie brought his Engine before night. He finished thrashing next day before noon and went to Roberts.
About 90 bushels of wheat and over 200 bushels of Oats at Roberts The wheat light and too much chaff for seed.
21. Frank the carpenter and the scholars went to the Exposition and brought a good report.
23. Went with a great crood to the DEtroit Exposition-A grand affair, The best I ever saw wither in Europe or America. Pleasant time with Mother and sisters and stayed over night there.
25. Paid Insley LaFurge all the school money $265.00. Borrowed $100.00 from Frank.
26. Mrs. L and I went to the Ypsilanti Fair-A good affair after the Exposition. Capt Allen and G. McDougal had a tussle about Free Trade.
28. Robert and family wnet to Mrs. Crippens funeral in Dixboro.

1. Paid Mr. Sherwood $7.38 Insurance. Wrote lines about the Exposit: and went to the old home and took dinner with Jaon CAmpbell and wife. Mused over gRandfather's grave and then called on Mrs. Gardener.
4. Azro's Arthur Union(former slave) brought a ladder and picked apples. A good crop and good market. Some of the spies were bountifully.
8. L. CAsey got the sotve put up in the kitchen. Azro's men picking apples with me.
10. Thomas Casey and family and a drove of sheep started for Knapps. Robert and Azro helped so no apples picked. Mr. Arnold wanted Frank to rebuild his barn.
11. Helped Azro and men fill about 40 barrells of apples. Robert could get no barrells and took a load of apples in the wagon box.
14. Robert drew two big loads of cider apples to the Hillsdale Depot Mary and I gathered for home use and Anna and Sister Agnes. O my back!!!
19. Wrote a note to R. Campbell, Ann Arbor and Day Campbell at Fort Scott.
22. Azro heading more barrells-Wfie and Mrs. Campbell arranging about a dinner at A. Campbell's. More cider apples to Town.
24. Robert took apples to Ainsworth. Robert brought two loads of wood and helped set up the coal stove. Azro took 2 barrells for Agnes and 2 for Anna.
26. The two Marys and I, Azro and family drove up and had dinner at Uncle Andrews-A surprise party for the thirtieth anniversary of their wedding. A very pleasant time. R. CAmpbell paid $22.00 interest.
28. Dug beets and hacked corn-not well-a humming in my head.
31. Was surprised to hear of the death of our brave industrious farmer friend Mr. C. Conklin. Brought beef from Azro for 5¢ and better than from the butcher at 8¢. Lawyer Joslin and Henry Backus gone over the Mystic River.

2. Buried old friend C.N. Conklin. Met him 30 years ago at Church and now we meet no more.
6. Robert and I bought a buck from G. Voorhees and put him with the sheep. Paid $2.00.
Mrs. L and I went to our good friends funeral, the last of John Geddes.
7. The Moon set beautiful in the silvery light of the morning and the sun rose still more beautiful in the golden glory of the dawn. Helped Robert's boys to load corn.
13. Robert, Hattie, Leah, Minny and Mrs. R and I drove to the Depot and saw and heard the bands at the opening at Cleary College.
Heard E.P. Allen's address.
15. Received a note of thanks from Oliver Wendell Homes for lines on his Birthday at four score.
Got all the apples in the cellar.
16. Forty years since werwere married, a great party, friends brought dinner with them and we all enjoyed a festive day. There were two tables of royal dainties for old and young, Presents of silver and a wardrobe. Songs and speeches. About all that earth can give.
18. Wet morning. Mr. & Mrs Fletcher went to Uncle William's and Ann Arbor. Frank brought his took chest home. Mrs. L and I went to the old home and took dinner with Robert.
21. went to Town and got a grist. Azro bought a buggy.
23. Got 7 lbs of Oatmeal and four lbs of crackers in Miller's new Grocery for 50 cents. Oiled the horse harness in the sunshine.
26. Read of the sad death of William G. Brownlee. Frank hunting rabbits.
28. Thanksgiving, went to Azro's for dinner. Need ice and snow… Frank and his carpenter friends got 12 rabbits.

1. Robert, Azro and their younes at dinner. Belle and Anna only ones absent.
2. Great storm and some electric lights blown down. Storm on the Great Lakes.
3. Went to Mr. & Mrs. Foots Golden Wedding. There seemed to be more interest in eating rich cake than in Social friendship.
4. Went with a fine lot of friends to celebrate old Mrs. Gardener's 94th Birthday. A grand dinner, warm hearted friendship.
9. Dark day, Pleasant visit with B. Voorhees, Mrs. L and Mrs. F quilted.
11. BRight sunshine-muddy roads-Drew up some wood in the buggy. Robert and August went to buy turkeys.
18. Mrs. L. Mrs. F, Mary and Willie went to the Church Fair. Mrs. Smith Inglis' boy died same day her father died years ago.
20. Went to Roberts and saw his 50 turkeys for Detroit market.
Paid our Taxes $20.00. Robert's $2.12.
23. Robert plunging in the mud with Turkeys for Detroit.
24. Received Christmas present from Sister Agnes. Anne arrived from Elkhart.
25. Christmas. Stephen, Robert, Azro and all the little ones came a grand day.
28. Mild weather. Sawed some wood. Hens beginning to lay.

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