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Report from the Museum Advisory Board

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Virginia Davis-Brown
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Are you ready for spring? I am. It seems that it has been a strange winter, 10 inches of snow and temps hovering around zero then 3 days later all the snow is gone. Maybe it will settle down and spring will be coming along very soon.

The museum was closed during the month of January for our annual cleaning and for some remodeling that was difficult to do when we were open. We now have a wonderful storage closet for our children's toys. Before it was a bathroom and up to last summer it still had a wash basin and a toilet. The paint was peeling and it only had metal shelving. The remodeling has been completed with beautiful new paint and several sets of adjustable shelves, which will give us more efficient storage for our precious toys.

Kathryn Howard and her committee have been very busy planning and putting together the next annual Art Show. The show will start on March 31 and run through April 17. These art pieces have been done by local artists. If you remember last year they were wonderful and the talent is outstanding. Please make plans to visit the museum and support our local talent. There will be oils, acrylics and watercolors, still life, portraits and other interesting processes. Last year there were several artists who had their pictures for sale. Maybe you could find just the picture you have been looking for.

Plans have started for the next Quilt Show-dates will be from September 29 through October 16. I know it sounds like a long way away but we need your help to make it a success. We are looking for quilts that we will be able to display for these three weeks and be able to share your talent or the talent of someone else. These quilts can be old or new, large or small. Last year we had over 100 quilts and some were made by men. If you can help us out please contact me at 484–0080.

We are in need of docents (guides) for our regular hours and also docents for special occasions, such as the art and quilt show. Regular hours involve a commitment of 2 hours a month and we will train you.

We hope that we will be seeing you soon at some of our shows and if you have ideas or comments please let us know. This is your museum and we want you to be involved. Think spring and my phone number is 484–0080 if you have quilts or want to volunteer.