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The Friendly Feud -- "Ypsi and Annie" in 1891 Poetry

The Friendly Feud -- "Ypsi and Annie" in 1891 Poetry image
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The Friendly Feud
Many think the friendly feud between the cities of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor is a recent trend. However, the following poem appeared in the Ann Arbor Courier on January 14, 1891:

(A Romance of Two Cities)

Sweet Annie and Ypsi
For Years have been famed,
As possessing for each
Green envy, untamed.

Whenever old Ypsi
Would boast with a zest
Of the Greek in his name,
And the Gaul ‘neath his vest,

Fair Annie with scorn
From her Arbored repose,
Has on every occasion
Presented her nose.

And Ypsi so stung
By the maiden’s keen wit,
Has often retorted
In language that hit.

He’s called her red-headed,
And hinted that she
Was not always pure
As a maiden should be.

This thing has gone on,
With increasing hate
To the utter disgust
Of all neighbors of late.

But all ways have a turn;
There’s an end to their scorn;
And the incense of orange
On zephyrs is borne.

The two now are wed,
And Ypsi and Annie
Are billing and cooing
And spooning as any.