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Yost Receive Tributes On 75th Birthday Anniversary

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"The Coach," Fielding Harris Yost is celebrating his 75th birthday anniversary today.
Hundreds of congratulatory telegrams, letters and messages were stacked up on Yost's desk at his home 611 Stratford Drive.
The immediate family, including his son, Fielding Yost jr., were present when the "Grand Old Man of Michigan athletics," cut into the candled birthday cake.
"The Coach" hasn't been feeling too well of late. He was visibly affected by the large number of his "Meechegan" men and athletes who remembered that today he had reached that 75th milestone.
Although weakened from a recent illness, Yost was most mentally alert today as he opened those telegrams and letters, wishing him happiness and congratulating him on his birthday.
Was Not Forgotten
Former athletes - "his boys" - did not forget to pay tribute to a man who for 40 years not only turned up winning football teams and built a great athletic plant but also before his retirement as athletic director in 1940, realized his goal of "providing athletics for all at the University of Michigan."
While not as strong physically as he once was, Yost with uncanny accuracy can still replay that Chicago game of 1905 or the Minnesota battle of 1910.
As he opened the various messages today from his well-wishers, Yost could tell you where this man now lived, what his business is and what connection he had with athletics at the University of Michigan.
Is Inactive Now
Yost still has his office down in the Yost fieldhouse, where he goes occasionally to look over the many photographs that adorn the walls, but his visits there are getting more infrequent.
He still takes occasional automobile rides about the campus that he knows so well, and occasionally he drops in for a chat at the athletic offices with Jack Blott, Wally Weber and Bennie Oosterbaan - all "his boys."
But most of the time he remains at his comfortable home on Stratford Drive where he lives with his memories of the "Meechegan" that he loves so well.