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Four Area Firms Are Cited For Annual Reports

Four Area Firms Are Cited For Annual Reports image
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Four Area Firms |

Are Cited For
Annual Reports !

Argus, King-Seeley, '
Kaiser-Frazer And
Graham-Paige Honored

Four Ann Arbor area firmSj
Argus, Inc., King-Seeley Corp./
Kaiser-Frazer Corp. and Graham-
Paige M"tnre Corp., last night re-
ceived for publishing out-
standing : "il reports on their
1946 operations.

The awards, two bronze plaques
and two merit certificates, weEji
given by the Detroit Trust Cff!|
v/hich sponsored a state-wide sur-
vey of the corporation reports.
They were presented to company
officials at a dinner last night 39
the Hotel Statler in Detroit, j

Argus, Inc., local camera anc|
optrcaT''* equipment manufacturers.,
received a bronze plaque as a sec-
ond place award in the class two
'"vision for an outstanding annual.

port to stockholders. The class
two division included all Michigan
corporations employing between
1,000 and 2,000 workers.

Receiving the plaque on behalf oX
the corporation was C. A. Barker
art director of the firm. Barker
designed the prize-winning report^
R. D. Howse, president of Argus.
Inc., was also present at the ban-
Kaiser-Frazer Honored

Another bronze plaque, this time
the second place award for out-
standing reports to employes, went
1o Kaiser-F'i a/pr Corp. of Willo^|
3Run. The prize was given in th^
class six division, for firms em-
ploying over 10.000 persons. Vin-




cent Gibson. public rela'" . )f-
ficer for the corporation. Q(S

i'tificates for "the gen-
t'mi iL-.v-cllt'nce of their annual re-
ports" went to King-Seeley Corp.
of Ann Arbor, and Graham-Paige
Motors Corp. of Willow Run.

W.. E. Bandemer, vice-presideni
(of King-Seeley, accepted the cer-
tificate on behalf of his company,
and Gibson claimed the award fo«
the Graham-Paige firm. |

Among thp pipl-it judges for the
contest was illiam A. Paton
of the Uni'-'i School of Busi-
""ss Administration.

The purpose of the contest and
the awards, according to Selden
B. Daume, Detroit Trust Company
president, was to encourage a
wider interest in annual reports as
6 means of improving public under-
standing of the financial aspects of
business and of the American sys-
tem of individual enterprise.