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Badge Drop #11: You're Gonna Miss Us When We're Gone

Fri, 08/24/2018 - 5:30pm by nicole

Like a Downtown-bound bus driving past the Library, the end of the line is nigh! Your stroll along the sunny sidewalk of Summer Game is almost done. We know you know it, and we feel your concern. After all, what IS there after Summer to even be excited ABOUT? After Summer there's only the mysterious abyss that is FALL. Nothing but pumpkin-scented darkness and textbooks and ironic holidays about manual labor.

Some of you have already spent your Summer Game savings, picked up your prizes, and are ready to march fearlessly into Fall with your AADL umbrella held high, and that's alright with us, but we can tell... 

You're gonna miss us when we're gone.

You might think you see the shape of a Summer Game badge in your cinnamon-covered donut as you trundle around the cider mill atop an itchy bale of hay. You may think you spy, from the corner of your eye, a Summer Game code as you pay $18 for pumpkin-spiced water at of your local coffee place.  You may even look up during your laboriously labor-less Labor Day and think back to when it was SUMMER and there was WORK TO BE DONE.

Yep, you're gonna miss us when we're gone.

But NOT YET. Lucky for you, Summer is STILL HAPPENING. And to prove it, we've brought you this not-quite-yet-parting gift of these: the LAST BADGES, before the prestigious MASTER BADGE DROP next week! Because here at SG Headquarters we believe it ain't over til it's OVER.

Ready, Teddy, Go!Flutter ByMeet Spike! Fin MailUnder Water SubsThe Paper CaperWorld Wide Web SlingerLands of the Lost and FoundSummergame EaseSolar System Ambassadors

So finish up your last badges and enter your last codes, because the 2018 Summer Game ends on AUGUST 31st at MIDNIGHT!

That's right, Ann Arbor, enjoy your apple-bobbing parties and your indignant babies wearing costumes they never volunteered for and your crunchy leaf piles that conceal spiders and dragons, probably.  We wish you could stay here with us in this serene bubble of Summer Game simplicity, but it's almost time to move on, and we know...

You’re gonna miss us by our hair. You’re gonna miss us and our bears, oh...You’re gonna miss us when we're gone.




We're indeed gonna miss you when you're gone...

when does that sad event occur?

(ie, when is our absolute last chance to finish those last few badges?)


Yes, I will really miss SG game, too! It's a wonderful highlight of my summer. Everything about the SG is amazing and clever, and funny, too (all of the descriptions -Blog, Badge, Shop- are so funny). I'm gonna miss it!

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