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Badge Drop #9: Time Flies

Fri, 08/07/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

Ya know what? We have nothing to say! Summer is OFFICIALLY here and you have ALL the time in the WORLD to do all your SG favorite activities! There's NO sense of urgency to get ANYTHING done because we still have 3 months of summer-y goodness ahead of us...Hmm? What's that?

IT'S AUGUST ALREADY?!?!?...Woah. How unexpected. 

Wait...if it's ALREADY AUGUST 7 that means you only have one week left to make a home code!!!

Wow. This really has been quite the doozy of a revelation. It's a good thing it's TUESDAY and we have the rest of the week to sort this out... Hmm? What's that?

It's ALREADY FRIDAY?!?!?!?!?... Wow. How bizarre. 

Wait... if it's ALREADY FRIDAY that means we have a badge drop!!!!!!!

While we here at SG Headquarters figure out if TIME is even a thing anymore, HERE ARE SOME BADGES! We have some STRANGER THINGS this week like STINKY BUGS, WACKY WEATHER, all things '90s, and MORE! 


Badge Drop #9

For The BardsPower PlantStrange MagicAin't Nothin' but a Found DogExplosive BeetlemaniaNavigating the '90sAll ABOARDProfit Fortune Wacky WeatherFor It's One TwoThe Real McCoy


I love that I can now see which Home Codes I’ve redeemed! I am enjoying touring new neighborhoods, admiring gardens, getting exercise, and enjoying beautiful summer weather all while collecting codes. I hope Home Codes are a permanent addition to the Summer Game.

With almost 500 home codes created this summer, home codes are squarely in "couldn't stop them even if we wanted to" territory! After 8/14, players won't be able to make new home codes, so everyone will have the last 2 weeks of the game to try to find as many as they can. They'll definitely be back for SG2021, but everyone will have to come up with a new one! Thanks for playing!

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