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Chronology 1881-1883

Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image Chronology 1881-1883 image
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1881 The Ypsilanti Commercial

January 4- Civil War Soldiers:
Spencer, Clinton-Enlisted May 1st, 1861, as Private Co. H Michigan Infantry (for three months) made 1st Lt. February 22, 1862; wounded at Gettysburg losing right leg ad disabling left arm. Discharged May 16, 1864.
Shier, Henry-Enlisted October 8, 1861; Sgt. Battery C 1st Light Artillery, made 1st Lt June 30, 1863. Mustered out December 19, 1864.
Skinner, Prescot M.-Enlisted July 22, 1862, Sgt. Co. B Michigan 20th Infantry, made 1st Lt. May 12, 1864; became Capt. april 5, 1865, Mustered out October 30, 1865.
Stanway, David-Enlisted July 5th, 1861, as Sgt. Co. A Michigan, 1st Infantry, made a 2nd Lt. March 10, 1863; became Capt. January 1st, 1864; wounded at Battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864; disabled and mustered out October 4, 1864.
Thomas, John-Enlisted July 31st, 1862 as Sgt. in Commissary of Michigan 20th Infantry; made a 2nd Lt. March 11, 1865, mustered out May 30, 1865.
Van Cleve, Augustus-Enlisted as 2nd Lt. Michigan 20th Infantry, July 29, 1862; made a 1st Lt. October 14, 1862; Capt. November 28, 1863; mustered out January 12, 1865.
White, Nathan F.-Enlised May 25th, 1863 as 2nd Lt. in Michigan 27th Infantry, mustered out April 22, 1864.
Whittlesey, Franklin M.-Capt. Michigan Infantry (three month enlistment) May 1st, 1861; became Major 1st Michigan Infantry August 10, 1861; Lt. Colonel August 30, 1862; he was killed at Bull Run August 30, 1862.
Wise, David A.-Enlisted as 1st Lt. in 1st Michigan Infantry May 1, 1861; Lt. Quartermaster August 17, 1861; mustered out May 15, 1862.
Wortley, Clark S.-Enlisted August 4th, 1862 as Sgt. Major Michigan 26th Infantry, made a 2nd Lt. March 5th, 1863; 1st Lt. November 29, 1863; Quartermaster, July 20, 1864, mustered out May 30, 1865.

1881- The Ypsilanti Commercial

January 22- Died, Mrs. Letitia Martin. She was born in Romulos county, New York, February 8, 1799. March 7, 1818 she married James Martin. In 1885 she she came to Michigan Territory. They left Detroit taking the Saulk Trail, walking most of the way, until they reached Ypsilanti, or Woodruff's Grove as it was called then. There was only one building in Ypsilanti, The Godfroy Trading Post on North Huron Street. They bought a farm on the Chicago road west of Ypsilanti, the farm later was owned by Evan Begole.

March 26- Ad: Shimmel & Draper Grocery and Crockery, 208 Congress (Michigan Avenue) Union Block.

April 2- Ypsilanti to have the benefit of a Telephone Company, through the efforts of E. B. Greene and others, arrangements have been made to connect up Ypsilanti with the Telephone Company of Detroit.
Dr. McVicar has rented Mr. Bickfor's residence; House, Barn and 4 acres for 3 years at $250.00 a year.

April 16- The 72 Committees, and 22 Township Committees appointed by the Pioneer Society to revise and correct the huge manuscript of the forecoming History of Washtenaw County, have at last finished their labors. Messrs. Chapman and Co., with their able historians are preparing 1500 pages of manuscript.

May 21- Died in Pittsfield Township, Catherine Aray, age 71 years, may 15th.
On this date appeared a Poem by William Lambie entitled “Spring”.
A letter from Edward Batwell, to the City council about the condition of variou City Cisterns; the Ellis (Washteanw) Cistern has been filled 6 times since April 11th and now has not enough water for use by the new Pumper. The Cistern at the Depot has but a foot of water but the Stand Pipe of the Michigan Central Railroad can be utilized in case of fire. The Cistern on Cross Street east of the Depot is always full. The Reservoirs back of the Seminary, Ferrier, Fifth Ward School and those on Congress Street are all in good order.
AD: NEW GROCERY STORE-3rd door south of the Post Office (Pearl Street at North Huron Street) Charles Ely, Owner.
There appeared a listing of the Ypsilanti Men who were in the Civil War:
Daniel Kellogg, Capt. 3rd Calvary, enlisted September 7, 1861, Discharged June 21, 1862.

1881 The Ypsilanti Commercial
John S. Maltman, Enlisted August 4, 1862, Sgt. Co. E 17th Michigan Infantry. Became 1st Lt. June 30, 1864. Mustered out June 3, 1865.
James H. McCormick, Enlisted September 12, 1861. Sgt. Co. D 3rd Calvary, became 1st Lt. November 14, 1864. Mustered out February 12, 1866.
Samuel C. McQuaid, Enlisted August 21, 1862, as Principal Musician 27th Michigan Division.

May 22- Died April 23, 1880, Mrs. Ruth A. Freeman, age 77. Born in Massachusetts but moving with parents to Caledonia, New York. Came with her widowed mother and brother to Michigan in 1824. Seven days it took them to get from Detroit to Ypsilanti where they settled in Woodruff's Grove. She was engaged by Mark Norris to teach school in the District whose home she was living in. After teaching two or three years she married David Freeman who was in the boot & shoe business with his brother Louis. In 1837 David died and in 1843 Ruth married his brother Louis. Again she was left a widow in 1867. The freeman's lived on a farm east of Ypsilanti.

October 15-The old Catlin House opposite the Union School on Cross Street at Washington, has been remodeled by Mr. Varney, the Detroit Architect.
Hay & Todd are employing 45 hands, up to the full capacity of the factory. They use an average of 1500 pounds of wool daily.

October 29-S. W. Pattison, M.D., died in this City October 23, 1881 in his 85th year. Born Samuel Warren Pattison, in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York, June 28, 1797. (Long history of this man on the front page of the Commercial.
There are three stores in Willis, including two in teh eastern part of the town formerly called Eaton Mills where there is one of the best School Houses in Washtenaw County having two rooms and a belfey.
Paint Creek Post Office is no more, having been remove to Newcomb, one and a fourth miles East. People is eastern Augusta have gotten their mail there for 40 years. Aaron Childs was the first Postmaster. Eaton Mills is only a fraction over half mile from the Willis Station.
Malcolm MacVicar, Principal of Michigan State Normal College resigns after one year in October 1881 to become a member of the Faculty of the Baptist college at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Daniel Putnam has been appointed Principal.

1881 The Ypsilanti Commercial

November 19- The County Clerk has purchased 80 Tons of coal at $6.25 per ton fo the Court House use. There are 75 cords of wood to be used also.
Died-Jonathan G. Morton, oen of the Pioneers of Washtenaw County, died November 21, at his home in Ypsilanti, in his 80th year, having resided here 57 years.
Morton was born in ware, Massachusetts, March 22, 1802. Father was Thomas Morton. At age 17, Jonathan drove a Horse and Wagon to Michigan, selling ‘Notions’ on the way. Arrived at Ypsilanti in August 1824 and in 1825 kept a General tore in a log structure at the NW corner of Pearl and North Huron Streets. It was the First store in Ypsilanti. In 1826 he married Alvira Gorton. He was one of the first Supervisors for Ypsilanti which then included Pittsfield Township.

December 3- The removal of the Detroit, Hillsdale & South Western Shop from our City to Elkhart, Indiana is not calculated to make us feel very pleasantly.

1881 The Ypsilanti Sentinel

May 21 List of Civil War Veterans:
Samuel McQuaid, enlisted as Principal Musician, August 21, 1862, 27th Infantry, made 2nd Lt. November 17, 1864, Discharged March 14, 1865.
Peter E. Mead, enlisted as 2nd Lt. 1st michigan Colored Infantry (102nd U.S.) December 2, 1863. Made 1st Lt. November 16, 1864. Discharged September 30, 1865.
David L. Northland, enlished July 1, 1862, Sgt. Co. H Michigan Infantry. Made 1st Lt. May 26, 1865. Discharged June 3, 1865.
Cicero Newell, enlisted May 1, 1861, Sgt. Co. H Michigan Infantry, made Captain, April 1, 1862. Made Major 10th Calvary August 19, 1862. Wounded at Clifton, Miss., February 10, 1863. Discharged January 10, 1865.
Marvin Parks, 2nd Lt. Michigan Infantry May 1, 1861, for 3 months. Taken prisoner at Bull Run, July 21, 1861. Exchanged and mustered out January 21, 1862. made 1st Lt. and Quartermaster 26th Michigan Infantry.
Charles Perry, enlisted as 2nd Lt. 1st Michigan Infantry, August 17, 1861. Mustered out August 8, 1862.

July 2- President James A. Garfield was shot by Jules Guideau who is said to have been in Ypsilanti, coming by train and then walking to Ann Arbor where he intended to enroll in the University of Michigan.

July 20- Sitting Bull shot and killed by his guards.
Booker T. Washington founded Tuskegee Institute for Negroes.

October 1- With pleasure we announce the appointment of Professor Gabriel Campbell to the Chair of Mental and Moral Philosophy at Bowdoin College, the leading College in the State of Maine, and is the best Chair. It is the Alma Mater of Longfellow, Hawthorne and along line of worthies.
Helen Hunt Jackson published “A Century of Dishonor” about the mistreatment of the Indians.

1882 The Ypsilanti Commercial

January 7- Cornelious Cornwell gives W. D. Hewitt $1,875 for a lot, corner of Huron and Ellis (Washtenaw), 5 rods front and 100 rods deep. He proposes to build a palatial residence in the Spring.

January 28- Died January 22, 1882, William Cross in his 87th year. He was born March 9, 1805, in Honeyeye Falls, New York and coming to Ypsilanti in 1824. He owned the land on which the Michigan State Normal College stands. Bounded by Cross Street, Brower and Forest Avenue. He also owned the land on which the Fairgrounds were located on Congress Street which is now Recreation Park. He married Mary R. Hammond. He was a Presbyterian and he gave $750 toward building the Church.

January 30- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Was born.

March 18- The Jamestown ‘Alert’ reports: Mr. Colby informs us that a party from the East will soon be here to make arrangements for building a Grist Mill at Ypsilanti, the new Town recently started on the banks of the James River, North Dakota, and 13 miles below Jamestown.

March 24- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow died.

March 25- Senior Class Officers at the Noraml: William A. McAndrew, President; Hattie McElcheron, Vice President; Nellie McIntire, Secretary; and Frank Wells, Treasurer.

April 27- Ralph Waldo Emerson died at his home in Concord, Massachusetts.

April 29- Died, Lydia Gorton Comstock, born March 28, 1809, New Lisbon, New York. Married Nathan Comstock April 24, 1828. Came to Michigan in 1850 and settled on the Samuel F. Allen farm and then to a farm owned by the Moore Estate in Augusta Township. Nathan Comstock died in 1866.

May 8- Peter J. McGuerl proposed a Labor Holiday which is now observed as Labor Day, the first Monday in September.

June 17- Died Phoebe Samson, June 4, in her 86th year.
Almond Vedder, Augusta Township, June 14, age 33.
Lucius Browning, June 15, Stoney Creek, age 65.

July 22- Long article by Philo Parsons about Pioneer Days: The first sermon he heard in Michigan was preached by Rev. Page in 1826 in an unfinished building at the corner of Congress (Michigan Avenue) and South Huron Street.


October 7- Report of Congregational Church Organization which was organized October 4, 1881.

Number at Organization

Added by Letter

Added by Confession

Removed by death


Total present

Died, Alanson, Ambrose, age 80.

November 8- Died, Honorable J. Webster Childs, age 56.
W. Edwin Willits, selected as Principal of Michigan State Normal College.

November 12- Died, George McDougal, age 81. The last link of the 13 who composed the Presbyterian Church of this City at its organization.
Born Mohkton, Ayrshire, Scotland on November 22, 1801. Came to America in 1828 and that fall to Michigan and Ypsilanti. Helped raise a millframe for Woodruff & Hardy-19 men came from all over the County for the raising. This was the first frame Mill in Ypsilanti and had two runs of stone grinders. He ran the Mill for 25 years when it was owned by Norris & McIntire. In 1853 he bought 80 acres in Section 36 of Superior Township on what is now Ford Road. In 1828 in Rochester, New York, he married Mary Muir, sister of Anne Muir Campbell.

December 19- Died, Job Gorton, born February 22, 1804, Otsego, New York. He came to Michigan in 1827. Married Eliza A. Comstock November 8, 1828. He was a member of Friends Church.

1853 The Ypsilanti Commercial

February 2- Died, John Starkweather, age 75. Born in Renselear County, New York, July 24, 1807. His father, Donald Starkweather, became a Captain in the War of 1812 and married Fanny Godfrey. They had 14 children. John married Mary Ann Newberry, daughter of Elisha Newberry. “The prompt payment of the Civil War Debt of Ypsilanti was mainly brought about by the influence of John Starkweather and Ezra D. Lay.
Ad: W.W. Worden-House and Sign Painting-Graining, Paper Hanging, Decorating of all kinds. Huron at Congress (Michigan Avenue) N. W. Corner.
Alva Worden & Bros. Mfg. Whip Sockets-37 South River Street.

February 17- George Moorman has purchased the Follett House Hotel as a speculation.

March 3- New Book Store-George W. Hough, Worden Block.

March 6- Mr. & Mrs. Phio Parsons will celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
The purchase of the late Colonel Lee residence on Huron Street for $6,250 by William Deubel is a fine value. The property has a very fine front and reaches to the River. 212 N. Huron Street.

April 4- Henry R. Scoville elected Mayor of Ypsilanti a second time.

April 21- Died Timothy Sherman, born April 25, 1796, in Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York. Enlisted in the Army near the close of the War of 1812. In 1815 he married Eunice Jones-She died in 1862. He then married his wife's sister. He came to Ypsilanti, May 5, 1834.

May 5- Capt. Wallace, C. M. Harris, Ean Begole and Henry Glover left for the Dakotas. Truly Ypsilanti is a beehive of speculators.

May 8- Articles of agreement between George Moorman and Clark Cornwell, partners of the first party, and Issac N. Conklin, Robert Lambie, Daniel L. Quirk, and Charles King, partners of the second part. Moorman and Cornwell agree to erect a bathing house on the East side of North Huron Street to contain 48 bathhouses with Cornwell Mineral Water in the baths.

May 11- Buffalo Bill opened at Omaha, Nebraska his ‘Wild West Rocky Mt & Prairie Exhibition.’ Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull toured with the show, which was a great attraction universally. Buffalo Bill died January 10, 1917.

1883 The Ypsilanti Commercial

May 19- A visit to the Seminary: ‘Miss Elizabeth Lambie, the teacher in 4th grade with 41 pupils in attendance-age 9 to 11, Cornell's Geography and Olney's New Series Arithmetic-A good teacher makes good learners and here we certainly have it.’

June 9- Ashes of John Howard Pan, composer of ‘Home Sweet Home’, placed in Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

June 18- Susan B. Anthony fines $100 and costs for voting in the Presidential election of 1872 at Rochester, New York-she never paid the fine.

June 30- Ads appearing: Soper's Bazaar, opposite Joe Sanders Clothing Store. Comstock and Ebling-Hewitt Block. Alban & Clark-Ready made men's clothing. Drury & Taylor-Paints. A. A. Graves-Grocer, 5 Congress Street (Michigan Avenue). Carson & Howell-Newest Grocery in J. C. Haven's old stand-17 Congress Street.
A petition appeared to place Marcus Woodruff's publishing business in Receivership.
Ypsilanti population 5,137; Ann Arbor 8,061.

July 21- Death of Charles Straton (Col. Tom Thumb) 46 years old. P. T. Barnum introduced him to the Public, December 8, 1842 and paid him $3.00 per week and then advanced it to $25.00 as Tom Thumb was such an attraction.
398 Students in the Michigan State Normal College.

August 28- Meeting of ‘The Old boys in Blue' at Capt. Allen's office where they voted to organize a Post of the Grand Army of the Republic. 25 signed the petition.

October 22- The Metropolitan Opera House opened in New York City.

December 22- Ads appearing: Buckwheat Flour-Whitmore & Bess, West End of Follett Block.
Thorne Bros. (E. W. and W. D. Thorne) Tobacco, Cigars, Candies-7 Union Block-Congress Street.
N. Corday's Packing House-Meats-Near Iron Bridge, Congress Street.