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Badge Drop #3: Ready For More!

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's Friday! Again! Time for another Summer Game Badge Drop! 

And we've really got the perfect weather for it. Just look out the window at that weather! Isn't it something?! It must be something! Surely some kind of weather is happening out there!

We're no meteorologists, but we've been looking at our weather maps and radar and funny giant balloons and right now we've got some PRECIPITOUS predictions.  This week, players, the forecast calls for a DOWNPOUR of puppets, a WINDSTORM of wild scams--and based on our debatable weathering skills--probably a SANDWICH TORNADO!! Delicious!

Wait. What's that you say?

NONE of these things are weather?


Well, THAT'S OKAY! Because here at Summer Game Headquarters, we don't make remotely accurate weather predictions--we make BADGES! Just look down here at this forecast:

Badge Drop #3

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Get out your umbrellas, it's raining CODES! 

Learn about Michigan (and fish again!), then dab on some sunscreen and adventure into a park! Delve into some FABULOUS frauds or explore some TOMB TREASURES! Do it all! Or SOME! Or NONE! 

This game really is a choose-your-own-adventure! Just pick your path, check the weather (don't forget to dress appropriately for rain, shine, or SANDWICH TORNADO), and set out for more Summer Game!

Thanks for playing!!


Question: We went by 826 Michigan this afternoon, but the code in the window gave us a "code not recognized" error. Is it not yet active? I didn't see a badge that might go with it.

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