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Badge Drop #3: The Three's Knees

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

We at Summer Game Headquarters really appreciate you. We appreciate you SO much, that we come back week after week to bring you BADGES, CODES, POINTS, and
(hopefully) JOY!!!! 

This is our last badge drop of June and we’ve got some EXCITING THINGS in SHOP-er, STORE for you come July, but for now a poem in honor of YOU, dear player: 

At times we ponder what SG has BECOME; 

With so much to see and so much to DO.

Our only hope is for you having endless FUN!! 

Codes-smodes! We care about YOU!!!!!!!!!

You’ve been a busy BEE,

But it’s time for BADGE DROP THREE! 


(Okay... Maybe it's not the BEST poem...)


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Enjoy these badges, we’ll be back with more next week, and as always…..


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