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Badge Drop #7: Downtown

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 5:26pm by andrewjmac

When you need points and summertime seems so pointless you can always go DOWNTOWN!  When you need points, all the codes in the joints seem to help, I know.  DOWNTOWN.

Just look for a new badge from Vault of Midnight in the city!  Linger at the UMMA where artwork is so pretty.  HOW CAN YOU LOSE?  The points are so shiny there; you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go:

DOWNTOWN!  Things will be GREAT when you're DOWNTOWN! No finer place for sure: DOWNTOWN!  EVERYTHING'S WAITING FOR YOU!

Don't hang around and let your problems surround you, there's Stamps Gallery DOWNTOWN!  Maybe you know some little places to go to like the Art Center DOWNTOWN!


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Just come and grab the codes from Zingerman's and also Hatcher!  At the Robot Shop or Literati, you'll be a code-catcher!  Happy again!  And head to the Library.  You can forget your malaise, make summer not so lazy and go:

DOWNTOWN!  Take a quick walk around DOWNTOWN!  Where all the codes are found!  DOWNTOWN!  This joke has run aground...DOWNTOWN! DOWNTOWN! DOWNTOWN!

[Editors note: It's possible that by Badge Drop #7, the staff of the summer game have gotten a little loopy and have started to run out of dumb jokes to make in their posts.  It's also possible that this entire post can lead you to a nice bonus code if you are willing to go...well, you know.  THANKS FOR PLAYING!]


So is the code not the most obvious option? Doesn't work (with or without exclamation point)... Perhaps I'm just not getting it.

First of all, you don't have to physically go there to get this code. Secondly, the word you input isn't the code (obviously). The song is the hint. Perhaps you, like me, got the song in your head after this post and just had to listen to the original. Maybe you should put it on reserve (for when I'm finished with it). Where would you go to do that? (No, not downtown!)

I’ve made this comment in past years and I’m making it again, because you continue to do this... dropping one badge that requires you go to a specific location and then in another week dropping a badge that requires you to return to that same location. I’ve taken to not going to any of these until August, but then it stresses me and my family out that there are SO MANY locations to visit in such a short time frame. Not everyone has the summers off. Many people still maintain their regular schedules with 40 hour+ work weeks and having to take their kids to a summer camp that can watch them all day, not just a few hours during the day to keep them occupied. It would be appreciated if you’re going to drop badges that require multiple “trips” to the same location that they be dropped all at the same time so only one trip has to be made.

So sorry this stresses you out. That's not the intent of the game, of course; but we also have a lot of players who are asking us for new things to drop throughout the summer. Like all things in summer game, it's a balance; thanks for letting us know how you feel about it, and we'll keep it in mind as we plan next summer's explorer badges.

I was also a bit annoyed to see that I have to go back to UMMA ans Stamps when I have already finished those badges, but really these window codes take just a few minutes and it's not such a big deal to walk around DOWNTOWN one nice evening....

The song is in my head. DOWNTOWN. Want it out of my head. DOWNTOWN. What am I missing?! DOWNTOWN?!

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