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Badge Drop #11: You're Gonna Miss Us When We're Gone

Fri, 08/24/2018 - 5:30pm by nicole

Like a Downtown-bound bus driving past the Library, the end of the line is nigh! Your stroll along the sunny sidewalk of Summer Game is almost done. We know you know it, and we feel your concern. After all, what IS there after Summer to even be excited ABOUT? After Summer there's only the mysterious abyss that is FALL. Nothing but pumpkin-scented darkness and textbooks and ironic holidays about manual labor.

Some of you have already spent your Summer Game savings, picked up your prizes, and are ready to march fearlessly into Fall with your AADL umbrella held high, and that's alright with us, but we can tell... 

You're gonna miss us when we're gone.

You might think you see the shape of a Summer Game badge in your cinnamon-covered donut as you trundle around the cider mill atop an itchy bale of hay. You may think you spy, from the corner of your eye, a Summer Game code as you pay $18 for pumpkin-spiced water at of your local coffee place.  You may even look up during your laboriously labor-less Labor Day and think back to when it was SUMMER and there was WORK TO BE DONE.

Yep, you're gonna miss us when we're gone.

But NOT YET. Lucky for you, Summer is STILL HAPPENING. And to prove it, we've brought you this not-quite-yet-parting gift of these: the LAST BADGES, before the prestigious MASTER BADGE DROP next week! Because here at SG Headquarters we believe it ain't over til it's OVER.

Ready, Teddy, Go!Flutter ByMeet Spike! Fin MailUnder Water SubsThe Paper CaperWorld Wide Web SlingerLands of the Lost and FoundSummergame EaseSolar System Ambassadors

So finish up your last badges and enter your last codes, because the 2018 Summer Game ends on AUGUST 31st at MIDNIGHT!

That's right, Ann Arbor, enjoy your apple-bobbing parties and your indignant babies wearing costumes they never volunteered for and your crunchy leaf piles that conceal spiders and dragons, probably.  We wish you could stay here with us in this serene bubble of Summer Game simplicity, but it's almost time to move on, and we know...

You’re gonna miss us by our hair. You’re gonna miss us and our bears, oh...You’re gonna miss us when we're gone.



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What's in this week's CLASSIC SHOP DROP?

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 9:45am by eli

Only TWO Classic Shop Drops left to go this summer, leading up to the end of Summer Game on 8/31, and the closing of the 2018 SG Shop on 9/9! It's tragic, we know. BUT TIME MARCHES ON. And stay tuned, you Summer Game Addicts, we've got some stuff cooking to keep you warm all winter. BUT FOR NOW, you're surely wondering what's on tap for this Friday's CLASSIC SHOP DROP at 7 PM SHARP! Well, this week we've got 4 sorta gadgety things for you. Starting with the VASTLY UNAPPRECIATED Fuzzy Felt Tablet Sleeve, and the MOSTLY UNDERWHELMING Brick Bank, we'll also have a good supply of the TOTALLY WONDERFUL Logo Projector Flashlight. But the COUPE DE GRAZI of this week's CSD is in very limited quantity, and will be priced to match... it's the mysterious, and intensely enigmatic AADL SPHERE OF ANSWERS! Yes, it's the only SG product we've ever offered that actually helps you make decisions, unless you're in the habit of asking your messenger bag YES or NO questions. 

Stay tuned for that, and FINISH STRONG... the MASTER BADGE DROP isn't far off now, so make sure your BADGE PAGE is COMPLETE! And as always... THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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Classic Shop Drop #4: RARE Shirts & Hats!

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 6:51pm by eli

Time for another CLASSIC SHOP DROP! Today we've got 2 rare shirts and 2 rare hats for you, fresh (not actually fresh) from the SUMMER GAME PRIZE VAULT! These are in very limited quantities and sizes, so JUMP while you can!

Red TuqueWhite Bucket Hat2011 Summer ShirtAADL-GT Shirt

We've got what we've got, and once they're gone, they're gone! So don't miss this limited OPPORTUNITY to own a bit of Summer Game HISTORY! There's 2 more classic shop drops left to come, and then the Shop will close for the season on September 9th. So, happy shopping, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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Badge Drop #10: Introducing REVIEW REVIEWER!

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 5:57pm by andrewjmac

We all know how those long days of summer can fry the brain and get you thinking that summertime--and therefore SUMMER GAME--will go on forever.  We here at the Summer Game Home Office have news to deliver to you:  NUH-UH.  Sorry, but the end of Summer Game fast approacheth.  And it approachethes even faster with this, now the ANTEPENULTIMATE [from the Latin ante (your uncle's wife) + pen (a place where pigs are kept) + ultimate (a frisbee game from gym class)] BADGE DROP POST!

BUT DON'T FREAK OUT!  You've still got TWO WHOLE WEEKS to rack up points to spend in the AMAZING SUMMER GAME SHOP!  The only question is HOW will you rack those points up?  We assume by collecting codes, earning badges, writing reviews, rating items in the catalog, oh, and...

REVIEWING REVIEWS WITH THE ALL-NEW REVIEW REVIEWER!  That's right, the REVIEW REVIEWER is finally here and ready to gather your feedback on tens of thousands of reviews from the AADL catalog.  Where can you get to this wonderful machine?  Why, right here, or on the handy POINTS-O-MATIC link in the Quick Links menu!

But what, EXACTLY, is this Review Reviewer asking you to DO?  Pretty simple:  it shows you a review at random and you tell us if we should Keep It (when it's a fine review, no problems), Trash It (when it is garbage that doesn't tell you anything about the item or its quality), or if THIS IS AMAZING ('s...AMAZING, did I have to spell that one out?).  By reviewing reviews, you will be helping clear out garbage reviews from the AADL catalog, helping reward writers of AMAZING REVIEWS with the HUGE 500 POINT AMAZING REVIEW BONUS, and earning points for yourself to go toward that umbrella or hat or giraffe or whatever!  The Review Reviewer works by going with the consensus opinion about what category reviews fall into, so no one person can get good reviews tossed out or award that HUGE BONUS to those who might not deserve it.

Here Comes the Sun BearHere Be HerculesMeet Trisha! Hot WheelsHoop There It IsGastropod SquadHawkguyInca-n't EvenLet's Go to the TapeShapewreckCirque Du Foul PlayHumans to MarsThe Wizard of Oz

So let's review: with the weeks left at two, the best thing to do is get you viewing the queue of reviews in the new Review Reviewer!  I knew you could do it!

Thanks for playing!

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Test drive an exciting new feature... AND GET POINTS!

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 10:42pm by eli

That's right, we've got a design for an feature that's been a long time coming... and if you give us some feedback on the design, there's points in it for you! And you can make better in the process! Ready?

Start the Notifications Usability Study, complete the 10 missions, and after you submit the questionnaire at the end, you'll get a code worth 1000 points!

And you can put those points towards items from the upcoming CLASSIC SHOP DROP, that will bring a collection of CLASSIC and RARE SHIRTS and HATS! Limited sizes and style available, but there are some seriously CLASSIC and seriously RARE tshirts coming this Friday at 7 PM SHARP!

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Classic Shop Drop #3: Go HOME!

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 7:00pm by eli

It's Friday Night, who's ready to DROP SOME CLASSIC SHOP ITEMS? Well, as it happens, we are. So here's Classic Shop Drop #3, filled with things for you to use at HOME:


Water BottleLibrary pennantPizza WheelBucket with Frisbee Lid

Plus, you hardcore SUMMER GAME SHOPPERS will notice the MARKDOWNS keep on coming! Most of these items are final stock, so once they're gone, they're gone! Come back next Friday for another Classic Shop Drop... plus stay tuned to Summer Game early next week. We've got some ENTIRELY NEW ways to earn points coming imminently... and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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Badge Drop #9: Finally!! A Badge Drop Post with REAL and IMPORTANT CONTENT!

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 4:35pm by nicole

It's crazy to think that this time two months ago, Summer Game was just a twinkle in our eye and now we are ALL THE WAY IN at badge drop NINE!

And we know that by the time badge brop number NINE rolls around, many of you have run out of energy to read these EXCESSIVELY ENTHUSIASTIC posts! We're GRATEFUL for this, because we have almost run out of energy to WRITE these posts! We tapped our reserves of BEAR and TREE and WOOD JOKES weeks ago, but THAT'S OKAY because we know that it's incredibly unlikely that you'll even bother to glance at this OBNOXIOUSLY DENSE paragraph before you commence CLICKING FRANTICALLY through the catalog in search of CODES! We're pretty sure that by AUGUST no one will BOTHER TO CHECK whether we write real words or, for example, just a series of nonsense phrases, like LOG your UNDERWEAR! REVIEWS are WALLABIES! PANTS for CANADA!!! As long as we display the RIGHT amount of UPPER CASE ENTHUSIASM, we are ALMOST POSITIVE that no one will even NOTICE that we have said NEXT TO NOTHING in this ENTIRE POST! In fact, we hope if we keep BOMBARDING YOU with EXCLAMATION POINTS that you will simply GIVE UP on finishing this LONG-WINDED NOVELLA and HAPPILY SETTLE for a THINLY-VEILED DISTRACTION!!

Hey, look over there! It's BADGES!


Sloth Bear the AnteaterMan Oh MantisMeet Amanda! Riding ShotbunPowdered Wig PowerWanda WomanFailblazersDriving on MarsSingled Out


That's IT! I mean, we would be HAPPY to write more nonsense things for you--like, RATE your DALAI LAMA! CODES are MAYONNAISE! SHOP plus SOUP equals SHOUP!--but we are pretty sure our EXCELLENT distraction has worked and you are already in the CATALOG, searching for CODES and thinking about how ADORABLE it is that your Summer Game Makers are still bothering to write stuff in their badge drop posts AT ALL!


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What's in this week's CLASSIC SHOP DROP?

Mon, 08/06/2018 - 8:35pm by eli

Things might be sleepy in College towns in August, but the Summer Game Shop DON'T STOP! This Friday at 7 PM, we've got 4 more items for your weekly CLASSIC SHOP DROP, and they're all things for, uh, well, it's a bit of a reach, so let's say FOR THE HOME. Yes. Because these are all things that you will probably keep. In your home. Where you live. Yes. BUT WHAT THINGS? Well, we've got our final stock of the classic 2011 White Water Bottle, plus a generous quantity of the infamous purple bucket with frisbee lid! You know, just like you'd find at a home... goods... store... place... experience? Ah well. It looked so good on paper. We'll also have one of our very favorite library items, the LIBRARY PENNANT! And rounding things out, if you like cut not just the cheese, but the WHOLE PIZZA, the AADL pizza wheel will find a place in your drawer where you keep such things!

So, come back at 7 PM Friday for these new items, plus potential markdowns on items yet unsold! See you then, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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Fri, 08/03/2018 - 7:00pm by eli

It's Friday at 7 PM, and that means another CLASSIC SHOP DROP! We've got a handful of great toys from the DEEP and MEANINGFUL history of the Summer Game Shop for you to spend your CLASSIC SHOP BALANCE on! Plus, items from Classic Shop Drop #1 that are still available have been INCREMENTALLY MARKED DOWN! Whether you draw inferences about future events from this ocurrence is entirely up to you. (Inferences not included.) So, head over to the very bottom of the Summer Game Shop, and GET SHOPPING!


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Badge Drop #8: Let's Review!

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 4:45pm by Sara W

What, dear Summer Gamers, has this summer brought us? Let's review!

There's been BUNCHES of badges, PILES of points, prizes of ALL sizes, pun FUN, games with GOBLINS, and LOADS of codes!!! 

It's also brought REAMS of reviews, and next week, it will bring us something new!!!

The Review Reviewer!

This AMAZING tool will allow you - YES, YOU - to rate other players' reviews to help us determine what's HELPFUL and also to weed out the rubbish. Should we REVIEW what makes a review helpful?

Here's some sample reviews of the Summer Game:

A GOOD review:

Title: Summer Game, Heck Yes!

Review: The Summer Game is so great! I like finding codes at the branches but the badges are super fun too!

And now for a RUBBISH review:  

Title: Summer Game

Review: asdf;


Review: go0000d


Review: avocado

Here's the best review advice of all - if you're not sure if your review is good and helpful, just WRITE SOME MORE! More helps!

And now, let's get to those badges!!

Super Review MasterMega Review MasterGiga Review MasterUltra Review MasterSupreme Review MasterBeary TastyAnts Go Marching...EverywhereMeet HelenChopine BlockCoral CorralLang Story ShortWu-thless RulerDisappearing InkThe SCRAPBoxHeroes Without CapesSurf Zingerman's Deli WebTabby of the Whiskervilles

Stay tuned for a SHOP DROP this evening! We'll see you in the comments, and the reviews, and the Review Reviewer (coming next week!), and the libraries, Summer Gamers!

And as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!!!!!